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Battelle experts are working in leading edge facilities, partnering with experts at the national laboratories, universities, and utilizing best instruments and best practices to address the world's most pressing problems.
Standard Calibrations, Inc.
Established in 1989, Standard Calibrations, Inc. is built on a foundation of customer support and quick turnaround wherever-whenever. From highly technical high accuracy calibrations and system alignments to Vertical Launch System flushes, Standard Calibrations is a one stop full service instrumentation and control products company.
ICI Services
ICI Services provides engineering, logistics and technical services to the US Navy, Army, Department of Home Land Security, Maritime Administration and other Federal Civil Agencies. ICI is now a nation-wide company, with offices in 15 states providing Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Ship Design, Test and Evaluation, Survivability, Damage Control, Range and Environmental services to a continually expanding customer base.
Siemens has been synonymous with technological innovation and global business reach for 161 years. Their wide array of products and services help customers in industry, energy and healthcare to meet challenges and stay competitive.
Gibbs and Cox
Gibbs & Cox, Inc. is an independent engineering and design firm specializing in naval architecture, marine engineering, management support and engineering consulting. We have been providing ship engineering and design services to U.S. and international government, shipyard, and commercial clients for almost 80 years.
General Atomics
General Atomics and its affiliated companies are one of the world’s leading resources for high-technology systems development ranging from the nuclear fuel cycle to remotely operated surveillance aircraft, airborne sensors, and advanced electric, electronic, wireless and laser technologies.
The American Bureau of Shipping establishes and administers standards, known as Rules, for the design, construction, and periodic survey of ships and other marine structures. Classification is a process which certifies adherence to these Rules, thus representing that a ship or other type of marine structure possesses the structural and mechanical integrity required for its intended service. A classed vessel is, therefore, one that provides for both the safety of personnel and cargoes carried, as well as helps to protect the environment in which it may operate.
L-3 Marine & Power Systems
Comprised of over 20 operating companies, L-3 Marine & Power Systems (L-3 M&PS) provides maritime automation and control, navigation, communications, dynamic positioning, and power distribution and conditioning into seamless, cost-effective solutions.

 What is Naval Engineering?

Naval engineering includes all arts and sciences as applied in the research, development, design and construction of surface and subsurface ships.



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