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Clifford G. Geiger Award


Clifford G. Geiger Award (Naval Logistics)

This award recognizes naval logistics professionals who, over a period of years, have exemplified the ideals portrayed by Clifford G. Geiger through his exceptional leadership and influence within the naval logistics community, his determined efforts to strengthen the synergy between engineering and logistics, and his dedication to enhancing the capability and stature of the naval logistics profession through increased emphasis on education and professional development for naval logisticians.

This award is named in honor of Clifford G. Geiger, a renowned expert and legendary leader in the field of naval logistics. During a lifetime of service to our nation as a leader in the naval logistics community, Mr. Geiger’s service included assignments as Deputy Chief of Naval Material for Logistics, Deputy Chief Engineer of the Navy for Logistics, Deputy Commander for Logistics in the Naval Sea Systems Command and as the Assistant and Acting Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Logistics. Mr. Geiger demonstrated visionary leadership and exceptional management of logistics planning, execution and control. He defined and demanded linkage, integration and mutual accountability of naval design, engineering and logistics. He was also very active in ASNE and dramatically expanded the Society’s involvement in the logistics arena through establishment of an ASNE Logistics Committee and by his initiation and active support of periodic naval logistics symposia over the span of more than two decades.

The nomination should cite specific evidence of the nominee’s personal and professional leadership in the field of naval logistics over a period of at least ten years and it should provide an assessment of the significance of the nominee’s particular contributions to the logistics readiness of the naval services.  If applicable, the nomination should include specific mention of the nominee’s service contributions to ASNE or other professional societies during the period of consideration for this award. 

 Past Recipients - ASNE Clifford G. Geiger Award

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