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Annual Awards


Annual Awards

Each year, the American Society of Naval Engineers celebrates excellence in naval engineering by recognizing individuals who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in one or more facets of the industry.

Naval Engineering includes all arts and sciences as applied in the research, development, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and logistic support of surface and subsurface ships and marine craft; naval and maritime auxiliaries; aviation and space systems; combat systems including command and control, electronics, and ordnance systems; ocean structures; and associated shore facilities which are used by naval and other military forces and civilian maritime organizations for the defense and well-being of the Nation.

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The Society proudly presents the following prestigious awards:

ASNE Gold Medal Award (Engineering)

The ASNE Gold Medal Award is presented for a singular achievement in naval engineering. It has been presented annually since 1958 and is given to an individual who has made a significant naval engineering contribution in a particular area during the past five years.

Solberg Award (Research)

The Solberg Award, presented annually since 1967, is awarded to an individual who has made a significant contribution to naval engineering through personal research during the past three years.

Harold E. Saunders Award (Lifetime Achievement)

Presented annually since 1977, the Harold E. Saunders Award honors an individual whose reputation in naval engineering spans a long career of notable achievement and influence.

Frank G. Law Award (Service to ASNE)

Originally presented in 1980, the Frank G. Law Award is given to an individual whose longtime dedication and service to the Society is deemed worthy of special recognition. Evidence of personal involvement in the management, administration, and financial affairs of the Society measured by achievement while serving as a member, officer, or committee chairperson shall be presented. The recipient must have made significant and long-term contributions to the Society, which resulted in one or more of the following:

1. Improvement in the Society’s operations; or

2. Enhancement of the Society’s objectives; or

3. Advancement of the Society’s professional stature.

Claud A. Jones Award (Fleet Engineering)

Presented annually since 1987, the Claud A. Jones Award is given to a fleet or field engineer who has made significant contributions to improving operational engineering or material readiness of our maritime forces during the past three years.

Frank C. Jones Award (Intermediate/Depot Maintenance & Alterations)

The Frank C. Jones Award, named for RADM Frank C. Jones, a past President of ASNE, is presented for major achievements in Maintenance and Alteration. The award recognizes Naval Engineering professionals who, over a period of the last ten years, culminating in the most recent previous year, have substantially and significantly contributed to their agency’s intermediate and/or depot-level ship maintenance and/or alteration programs that involve the complex work of managing, planning, preparation and/or execution of extensive repairs, overhauls, upgrades and/or modernizations.

Rosenblatt "Young Naval Engineer" Award

Established by the ASNE Council, the Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineer Award is presented to a person under 35 years of age who has demonstrated remarkable, early professional achievement in one or more areas of naval engineering as evidenced by one of the following:

1. Superior innovation and insight, published paper(s), invention, design, creativity, patent simulation, process improvement, or similar accomplishments; or

2. Outstanding technical leadership and obvious potential for continued distinction in naval engineering based on assigned responsibilities and recognized preeminent performance typically uncharacteristic of someone of his/her age. 

"Jimmie" Hamilton Award (Best Technical Paper)

All papers published in the Naval Engineers Journal during the calendar year are eligible for the "Jimmie" Hamilton Award. Nominations commenting on the originality, professional significance or the lasting value of a particular paper are appreciated and will be considered.

Clifford G. Geiger Award (Naval Logistics)

This award is named in honor of Clifford G. Geiger, a renowned expert and legendary leader in the field of naval logistics. It recognizes naval logistics professionals who, over a period of years have exemplified the ideals portrayed by Mr. Geiger through exceptional leadership and influence within the naval logistics community, determined efforts to strengthen the synergy between engineering and logistics, and dedication to enhancing the capability and stature of the naval logistics profession through increased emphasis on education and professional development for naval logisticians.

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