Welcome to Mega Rust 2015: Naval Corrosion Conference

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Approved by Department of Navy for Government Participation

The nation’s leading experts and decision makers from the Navy, Marine Corps and industry will gather at Mega Rust 2015 to examine the latest innovations in corrosion control and coating technologies for naval and maritime ships, craft and aviation systems. Since 2005, Mega Rust has become an exclusive educational forum for industry and government experts and professionals in this arena. The most current and pressing Fleet preservation issues will be discussed by a wide range of key leaders and practitioners in the government, military, shipyards, intermediate and depot level repair activities, research facilities, ship owners/operators, and coatings manufacturers & suppliers.


  • Present the Fleet and industry's needs in areas of preservation
  • Highlight new and innovative preservation technologies/methods, successful applications of new products, research and development, preservation of materials, environmentally compliant processes and lessons learned
  • Develop and maintain an infrastructure to provide essential feedback loops between the Fleet and industry that will facilitate the transfer of technologies presently available
  • Focus on partnership opportunities between the Fleet and industry
  • Provide training opportunities to Fleet and industry                                        



740 Town Center Drive
Newport News, VA 23606


ASNE offers reduced rates through June 9 and complimentary registration for government and military.



Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities are available for Mega Rust 2015.

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