Mega Rust 2011


Monday, June 6

0800 - 1400     Table Top Exhibits at NSSA
                          Located on the main street hall at NSSA building CEP200

1500 - 1800     Registration Open


Tuesday, June 7

0700 - 0800     Continental Breakfast
                           (Sponsored by 3M Defense)

0700 - 1800     Registration Open

0800 - 0820     Administrative Remarks/Welcome Aboard

0820 - 0900     Keynote Address
                           VADM Kevin M. McCoy, USN; Commander, NAVSEA

0900 - 0920     Navy Corrosion Executive
                           Steve Spadafora

0920 - 0940     U.S. Fleet Forces Command 
                           Dale Hirschman

0940 - 1010     NAVSEA Materials Division 
                           Beau Brinckerhoff, NAVSEA 05P2

1000 - 1930     Exhibit Hall Open (See Mega Rust 2011 Exhibitor List)
                           (For paid registrants and exhibit booth personnel only)

1010 - 1040     Break in Exhibit Hall
                           (Sponsored by Novetas Solutions, LLC)

1040 - 1100     Coatings Technical Warrant Holder Update
                           Mark Ingle, NAVSEA

1100 - 1130     Surface Forces
                      Frank Shay (COMNAVSURFLANT)
                           Stuart Morgan (COMNAVSURFPAC)                  

1130 - 1150     Aircraft Carriers CPA
           Joel Korzun, Carrier Planning Activity

1150 - 1210     Submarines 
                    Martha Bowman, SUBMEPP

1215 - 1345     Keynote Luncheon with Speaker
RDML Robert O. Wray, Jr., USN; President, INSURV

1345 - 1415     Break in Exhibit Hall
                           (Sponsored by ABS Americas)

1415 - 1530     Flag Officers Panel 
 RADM Mark A. Hugel, USN (Ret.); CACI


1530 - 1610     Break in Exhibit Hall
                           (Sponsored by Opta Minerals Inc.)

1610 - 1630     Naval Aviation
Craig Matzdorf, NAVAIR

1630 - 1650     U.S. Coast Guard
   Mark Dust, USCG SFLC

1650 - 1710     U.S. Marine Corps
             Andrew Sheetz, USMC

1710 - 1730     Combat Systems 
    Tim Tenopir, NSWC-PHD

1730 - 1930     Opening Reception for Mega Rust 2011


Wednesday, June 8

0700 - 1800     Registration Open

0700 - 1700     Exhibit Hall Open
 (For paid registrants and exhibit booth personnel only until 1200)

0700 - 0800     Continental Breakfast

0800 - 0810     Administrative Remarks

0810 - 1600     NAVAIR Aviation Corrosion Concurrent Sessions (New in 2011!)

0810 - 0830     Corrosion Control Assistance Team (CCAT)
        Jim Wigle, NSWC-CD

0830 - 0850     Military Sealift Command
  Bob Van Jones, MSC

0850 - 0910     War on Corrosion
                           Bill Needham, NSWC-CD

0910 - 0930     Office of Naval Research
       Airan Perez, ONR

0930 - 0950     "Just-Do-Its" Working Group Outbrief
Mark Funke, NST Center

0950 - 1020     Break in Exhibit Hall

1020 - 1045     SEA21
RDML James P. McManamon, USN; Deputy Commander for Surface Warfare, 
                           SEA 21, Naval Sea Systems Command

1045 - 1110     Surface Maintenance Engineering Planning Program (SURFMEPP)
Tim Cherry, SURFMEPP

1110 - 1135     Naval Facilities
        Clay Dean, NAVFAC

1135 - 1220     Regional Maintenance Centers 
Dale Hirschman, Moderator

1230 - 1345     Lunch in Exhibit Hall

1345 - 1525     Concurrent Technical Sessions

                           Session 1: Program Updates

      • NAVSEA Composite Working Group Efforts and Applications
        D. Michael Bergen (NSWC Carderock)
      • Transitioning the Service Life Assessment Pilot to a Program
        Sam Albrecht (ABS)
      • Data Analysis of Corrosion Damage on Ship Tanks and Voids
        Patrick Cassidy (Elzly Technology Corporation)
      • Rotating-Arm Coefficient of Friction (CoF) Meter (μ-Deck) Status Update
        Damien Ranero (NSWC Carderock)

                           Session 2: Materials

      • Superhydrophobic Coatings Multiply Corrosion Protection
        Andrew Jones (Ross NanoTechnology LLP)
      • Innovative Coating Options for Topsides and Underwater Hull of Navy Vessels to Reduce Operational Costs and Improve Environmental Footprint
        John Mangano (International Paint LLC)
      • Aluminum - Titanium Alloy for Anti-Slip Surfaces in Marine Environments
        Dr. Chris J. Wheatley (CJ Wiretech Limited)
      • Advanced 2K and 1K Topside Coatings for the U.S. Navy
        Erick Iezzi (SAIC)

                           Session 3: Analysis & Inspection

      • Integrated Testing Protocol for Determination and Prediction of Corrosion Inhibition and Material Longevity
        Dawn Wellman (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
      • Expert Structures and Coating Analysis Tool (ESCAT)
        C. Thomas Savell (GCAS Incorporated)
      • Cost–Effective Life Extension of Severely Corroded Reinforced Concrete Structures
        Siva Venugopalan (SCS, Inc.)
      • Prediction/Assessment: Non-Disruptive Pipe Condition Assessment Methods Overview and Case Studies
        Yaofu Zhang (Russell Corrosion Consultants, Inc.)

1525 - 1600     Break in Exhibit Hall

1600 - 1650     Technical Session

                           Session 4: Program Updates

      • Optimization of an Asset Management Plan for Waterfront Structures
        David Rozene (Acotec Inc.)
      • The Benefits of the Hull Cleaning Program with Primary Focus on Underwater Coating Applications
        Cecil Achord (Seaward Marine Services, Inc.)

1600 - 1730     Naval Aviation Enterprise Panel Discussion

1600 - 1730     Fleet Waterfront Perspectives Panel Discussion


Thursday, June 9

0700 - 1400     Registration Open

0700 - 1400     Exhibit Hall Open

0700 - 0800     Continental Breakfast

0800 - 1005     Concurrent Technical Sessions 

                           Session 1: Coating and Corrosion Control

      • Dry Ice Blasting Process for Cleaning, Preservation Preparation and Coating Inspection
        Karen L. Bruer (Amee Bay)
      • Evaluation of "Spot and Sweep" Blasting as a Cost-Effective Method of Underwater and Outer Hull Surface Preparation for the U.S. Navy
        Stephen Cogswell (BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards)
      • Abrasive Blasting Protective Equipment and Process Evaluation: Preliminary Findings and Guidance for Control Measures
        Mark Geiger (OPNAV Safety Liaison Office)
      • Power Hand Tool and Process Management to Reduce Hand-Arm Vibration Disease Associated with Corrosion Control Operations
        Mark Geiger (OPNAV Safety Liaison Office)
      • Ship Corrosion Control Tool Program
        Dave Zilber (3M Government Markets)

                           Session 2: Management

      • Software Design Tool Predicts Galvanic Corrosion Rates on Complex Assemblies of Mixed Materials
        Dr. Alan Rose (Elsyca Inc.)
      • Understanding the Navy Fade - Color and Gloss Stability
        James Martin (Naval Research Laboratory)
      • How the Corrosion Control Knowledge Sharing Network (KSN) is Streamlining Corrosion Control Management Across the Surface Fleet
        Joe Welsh (McKean Defense Group)
      • Easy Inspection Form Creation for Dry Film Thickness and Related Test Measurement Requirements
        Paul Lomax (Fischer Technology, Inc.)
      • Corrosion Control and Holistic Ship Management: A Commercial Operator’s Perspective
        CAPT Gordan E. Van Hook, USN (Ret.) (Maersk Line, Limited)

                           Session 3: New Technology/Inspection

      • Lamb Wave Technology for Hull Structure Assessment
        Mark Hinders (College of William and Mary)
      • Multisensory Distributed Sensor Network for Intelligent Coating Health Monitoring
        J. Agrawal (ScienceTomorrow)
      • In-situ Monitoring of Conditions Promoting Environment Assisted Cracking
        Fritz Friedersdorf (Luna Innovations)
      • A Rapid and Cost-Effective Method for Performing Topside Coatings Assessments on U.S. Navy Ships
        James Tagert (Vision Point System Incorporated)
      • Fluid Bed vs. Traditional Coating Methods on Watertight Doors
        Brad Bamford (Automatic Coating Limited)

0800 - 1200     Painting Center of Excellence
Mark Lattner, NAVSEA 05

1005 - 1035     Break in Exhibit Hall

1035 - 1240     Concurrent Technical Sessions

                           Session 4: Program Updates

      • Time & Cost Savings Associated With the Application of MIL-PRF-24635 Type V Polysiloxane To The Freeboard and Topside of the U.S.S. BonHomme Richard (LHD-6)
        Gordon Kuljian (NRL Consultant)
      • Military & Industrial Paint Cartridge Systems - Reduction of Total Ownership Costs
        Markus Scheuber (Sulzer Mixpac USA Inc.)
      • Current SSPC Program Status
        Michael Damiano (SSPC)
      • Peel & Stick Nonskid Program Update
        Dave Zilber (3M Government Markets)
      • Impact of Surface Profile on Thermal Spray Adhesion
        Cameron Miller (SAIC)

                           Session 5: Studies/Materials/Inspection

      • Direct-to-Metal and Exterior Durable Siloxane Non-Skid Coatings
        Erick Iezzi (SAIC)
      • Corrosion of Super Martensitic Stainless Steel Due to Alternating Current in Artificial Sea Water
        Tatiana Reyes (Colorado School of Mines)
      • Accelerated Life Testing and Cathodic Delamination/Debonding: Improving the Navy’s Predictive Capabilities for Corrosion-Induced Metal-Polymer Adhesion Failures
        Dr. Thomas S. Ramotowski (NUWC Newport)
      • Advances in Laser Coatings Removal for Shipbuilding and Repair
        Erik Oller (Concurrent Technologies Corporation)
      • Real-time 4D Non-invasive Subsurface Corrosion Inspection Using Ultrahigh-speed, Fourier-domain Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
        Dr. Abner Rodriguez (NSWC-CD Philadelphia)

                           Session 6: Training/Management/Inspection

      • Corrosion Assessment Training Available to Navy Personnel 
        Robin Frye and Lee Twombly (NACE International)
      • Training - A Preventive Maintenance Tool to Control and Prevent Corrosion, Increase Material Readiness, and Reduce Total Ownership Cost
        Kevin Kennedy (AMSEC LLC)
      • Best Practices of NSCWD-SSES Shipboard Corrosion Assessments
        Ryan Buchs (Vision Point Systems)
      • Real-Time Demonstration of MFOM Tools in Support of Corrosion Issues
        Dale Hirschman (Fleet Forces Command)
      • The Effects of Corrosion on Ship’s Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
        Merchant S. Adams (General Dynamics IT)

1240 - 1350     Lunch on your own

1350 - 1420     Mega Rust Working Group Tasking

1420 - 1440     Closing Remarks

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