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Student Membership

Membership dues are nominal, just $35 per year for full-time undergraduate students and $70 per year for members under 30 years of age.

Benefits of ASNE Membership

  • Access to ASNE’s naval engineering career site
  • Free admission to most ASNE symposia for full-time undergraduate students
  • Scholarship program
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Access to the ASNE technical library
  • Membership directory
  • Community outreach activities
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Awards program
  • Opportunities to publish technical papers
  • Discounts on past symposium proceedings
  • Subscription to the Naval Engineers Journal

Student & Young Engineer Support

One of the Society’s priorities is to support students considering a career in naval engineering or currently enrolled in an academic program.

ASNE’s Scholarship Program

Since ASNE's Schoarlship Program was inaugurated in 1979, the Society has awarded 421 undergraduate and graduate students with scholarship support.

ASNE's Scholarship Program was established to improve and promote the profession of naval engineering. The Society’s goal is to encourage college students to enter the field of naval engineering and to provide valuable support to naval engineers seeking advanced education in the field.

ASNE & SNAME Membership

Students who join ASNE will automatically receive a membership to the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME). The dual membership creates an opportunity for those individuals interested in the engineering world to have access to more information pertaining to upcoming events and current field advancements and knowledge. The membership is valid as long as they maintain their Student Member status with ASNE.

Your Profession, Your Society

The American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) can help you figure out if a career in naval engineering is right for you and help you get started. If you have any questions about ASNE or would like to learn how to get more involved, please contact a member of the ASNE Staff or your local Section.

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