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3M Weatherproofing & Corrosion-Protection Systems: Decades of Government-Approved Systems


As shipbuilders, you’re faced with many challenges that can prevent progress. Being able to deliver on time and on budget is just as critical as ensuring you design our nation’s Fleet better than ever before. At 3M, we’re your allies in design. Whether you need to reduce weight without sacrificing durability, a quick fix, or something fastened with structural strength, you can’t afford to have your design come apart at the seams. With 3M’s partnership, we’ll ensure you get it right from the start.
This expansive webinar will provide an overview of 3M’s expertise in thermal management, lightweighting and noise, vibration and harshness; and we’ll deep dive into bonding & assembly and surface protection solutions.
During a live demonstration, 3M experts will share a variety of tape and adhesive solutions that can improve the efficiency of your manufacturing processes and help increase performance in the field. The 3M experts will share examples of existing applications and products currently in use in a variety of shipyards and showcase new solutions to help you get ships out to sea faster.


Date & Time: August 9th, 2022; 1400-1500 ET (Presentation with live Q&A discussion)
Audience: All engineers, program managers, executives, and students interested in pumps, especially centrifugal pumps.
Virtual Course Format: This presentation and discussion will occur in Microsoft Teams. If you do not have Teams, you will be able to view this event in your browser.
Enrollment Fee: FREE!
Professional Development Hours: 0 hours
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Presenter's Biography (more to come soon)

Meredith Opatz- Global Application Engineer, Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division

Meredith has over a decade of experience working with specialty tapes and their various uses. She has extensive knowledge in surface finishing and their masking challenges. She has worked with customers globally helping to improve their process results with 3M tape solutions.


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You will be able to participate in this event using your favorite browser, or Microsoft Teams if you prefer.


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