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ASNE Student Sections

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About ASNE Sections

ASNE Sections and Chapters are located across the United States offering professional development, networking and volunteer opportunities closer to you. 

The ASNE Central Gulf Coast Section, in the Greater New Orleans and Southern Mississippi areas, hosts monthly dinner meetings. These regular gatherings provide the following to our membership and guests who attend: An opportunity to catch up personally and professionally with colleagues, networking opportunities, professional development opportunities, and to share information to all who work in or support the fields of Naval Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Learn more about the Central Gulf Coast Section at: http://www.navalengineers.org/Membership/Sections/Central-Gulf-Coast.
Society sections are important because it provides ASNE members with valuable opportunities to network at a local level, which enables their personal and professional growth. Delaware Valley section helps its members keep themselves up to date on the latest industry innovations, research and trends. Our section is vital to the Naval Engineering community because we bring educational resources to members such as conferences, technical forums, mentoring services and more.
ASNE Flagship section is comprised of nearly 1,000 members in the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland area. Staying active through monthly technical programs is just the start! Ships come from all over the world to visit our coastal area making for excellent tour opportunities for our members to observe designs, both old and new, in person. With several colleges and STEM-focused high schools located nearby, student mentoring and volunteering is a valuable way for our members to connect with their local community. Because of the government and private industry based in the Capital region, conferences and symposia events occur year-round covering a diverse range of topics from military programs all the way to commercial projects. Opportunities to get out and explore new technical content in a variety of ways are important to our membership base and remain a primary initiative of Flagship section to fulfill. Learn more about the Flagship Section at: http://www.navalengineers.org/Membership/Sections/Flagship.
The ASNE Metropolitan Section partners with other local maritime professional societies to support the needs and interests of the local maritime community. We have up to 10 monthly evening meetings, either in Manhattan, NYC or Jersey City, NJ, on topics of mutual interest and supporting student activities as well. The other societies, SNAME, the Eastern Branch of ImarEst and the Marine Society of Port Engineers, are more focused on commercial activities. The ASNE Section seeks to cater to naval interests. With four major maritime schools in the area; US Merchant Marine Academy, Webb Institute, Stevens Institute and SUNY Maritime, we are focused on supporting student involvement and reserve one of our meetings for student papers.
New England has a rich maritime heritage of shipbuilding and commerce along hundreds of miles of coastline. In this electronic age where contact is more readily available than ever before there is far too little meaningful professional contact and interaction. There continues to be no better interaction than shared experience, face to face discussion, and relationship building. The ASNE NNE Section is valuable resource to naval and marine engineering professionals for getting to know one another and sharing technical details regarding professional experiences on projects we are responsible for or are working on. It provides opportunities for networking and broadening of the technical experience and knowledge of all. It can periodically pay immediate dividends with some tidbit that can be applied in our own current situation. The combined presence of civilian, US Navy, and US Coast Guard professionals helps carry on the tradition. Learn more about the Northern New England Section at: http://www.navalengineers.org/Membership/Sections/Northern-New-England.
The ASNE San Diego Section has recently been expanded to include Hawaii and the entire western region of the United States, and thus covers the largest geographic area of any of our ASNE Sections. ASNE San Diego members include: active duty and retired military members in the Hawaii, Washington state and San Diego major Fleet Concentration Areas; Gov't employees working at two of our nation's four public shipyards (in Hawaii and Bremerton, Washington); ship repair industry members from three Ship Repair Associations (San Diego, Puget Sound and Hawaii); employees working at SPAWAR Headquarters and their various subordinate commands; employees from several Warfare Centers; numerous naval and marine engineering companies; and many members in the field of academia. In addition to holding monthly technical meetings and tours of various ships, manufacturing plants, and industry facilities, we continue to host two major national ASNE conferences in the San Diego area: the Fleet Maintenance & Modernization Symposium (in odd numbered years) and the Mega Rust Naval Corrosion Conference (in even numbered years). We work hard every day to find new and exciting ways to advance the knowledge and practice of naval engineering in public and private applications and operations, to enhance the professionalism and well-being of our members, and to promote naval engineering as the premier career field of choice. Learn more about the San Diego Section at: http://asne-sd.org.
Located at the Crossroads of America the Southern Indiana section provided its members with opportunities to engage in regional STEM efforts, network with leaders from government, industry and academia, and stay up-to-date in their technical field through our guest lecturer series. Membership of the section focuses on the mission areas of Electronic Warfare, Expeditionary Warfare and Strategic Missions. Learn more about the Southern Indiana Section at: http://www.navalengineers.org/Membership/Sections/Southern-Indiana.
ASNE Tidewater Section is unique because it is situated in the naval concentration area of Norfolk, Virginia, with the largest naval base in the world, and a large concentration of shipbuilding and repair shipyards, a Naval Shipyard, and numerous naval and marine engineering companies. Our broad membership base ranges from active duty and retired military, to naval and marine engineering professionals, and academia and students. We are proud to support the Old Dominion University Student Chapter. In addition to the Hampton Roads region, Tidewater Section includes the Southeast Atlantic region, including Charleston, SC and Jacksonville, FL. Tidewater Section founded the annual Fleet Maintenance & Modernization symposium, and continues to lead in the planning, whichever coast it is on. Tidewater members also continue to lead in the planning and execution of the annual MEGA RUST Naval Corrosion Conference and the Multi Agency Craft Conference (MACC). Our mission continues each and every day to support the people that man our ships and aircraft in the defense of our great country. Learn more about the Tidewater Section at: https://asne-tw.org.

Section Awards

Sections are an integral part of ASNE, and each year Sections are awarded in several categories. Take a look below for highlights of some of our top winners since 1982, and to view a full listing of Section Awards click here.

Since 1982 the Tidewater section has won Section of the Year 19 times.

Monterey Peninsula won the award for Productivity 7 times in a row from 1993 to 1999. 

In 2016 Flagship was Section of the Year and the Most Improved Section