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Government Participation at ASNE Events

The American Society of Naval Engineers has a long history of dedication to the United States sea services.  Since September 30, 1888, when a collection of engineering officers, including Rear Admiral G.W. Baird, USN (Ret.), first proposed the creation of the Society, ASNE has sought to provide a forum for naval engineers to share knowledge in the service of the fleet.  For the history buffs amongst us, a wonderful telling of the origins of the Society with deeply entrenched Navy routes is provided in Rear Admiral John R. Edwards' article in the August 1914 Naval Engineers Journal "The American Society of Naval Engineers--Its Origin, Scope and Purpose."

True to those origins, ASNE maintains significantly discounted rates for U.S. Federal government participation in our events.  Those discounted rates apply to all active duty and civilian U.S. Federal government employees (non-contractors) and are priced to offset the Society's most fundamental fixed costs associated with any given event.  

Should you require any further details or assistance in seeking travel approval to attend an ASNE event, please contact meetings@navalengineers.org.