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ASNE offers Professional Development Credits (PDH) and Continuous Learning Points (CLP) for attending symposia and conferences. Click here to learn more.

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PDH/CLP at ASNE Events

Recommendations for Professional Development Hours (PDH) and Continuous Learning Points (CLP) are often available for attending American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) symposia and conferences.

Professional Development Hours (PDH) for Symposium Attendance
Applicable to licensed Professional Engineers in Virginia, Maryland, and others states that require documentation of Professional Development Hours (PDHs) in fulfillment of continuing education requirements. Also applicable to individuals seeking general professional development credit. 

To request PDH's: Submit the signed and dated attendance form along with the appropriate service fee (Complimentary for ASNE members, $40 for non-members).

Continuous Learning Points (CLP) Recommendation for Symposium Attendance

Applicable to Department of the Navy certified acquisition workforce members who have met the required Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) certification for their position. By attending our symposium, ASNE may recommend up to four (4) CLPs per day attended. It is the responsibility of the attendee to determine that this event is related to his/her position with respect to CLP requirements. It is expected that supervisors will use DAU Guidelines, ASNE’s CLP recommendation, and supervisor’s own professional judgment in approving the points to be awarded for attendance at this event. ASNE will be happy to provide documentation in support of any author/presenter seeking additional CLPs upon request.
To request CLP's: Submit the signed and dated attendance form along with the appropriate service fee (Complimentary for ASNE members, $40 for non-members).


  • You must attend the ENTIRE presentation of a paper or a complete panel/speaker/session from beginning to end. You may attend paper presentations in different sessions as long as you attend the full paper presentation in each case.

  • You must be present and attentive through each presentation. If you arrive late, depart early, or do not pay appropriate attention during a presentation; you may not claim credit for that particular agenda item. Partial credit is not allowed. Events not listed on the attendance form may not be submitted for credit.

  • The completed forms and payment must be submitted within 30 days of the symposium. The forms and payment can be submitted to the registration desk at the close of the symposium or by fax, email, or mail. Submission of this form and payment certifies that you attended the items reported on your attendance form.

  • ASNE Headquarters will issue a Certificate of Attendance to qualified learners. Records will be retained and made available for audit or reissuance.

  • It is the responsibility of the learner to submit the appropriate paperwork and fee in order to receive recommendations for PDH or CLP. The paperwork must include clear identification of each agenda item for which PDH/CLP recommendation is requested.

Please direct questions to education@navalengineers.org