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Naval Engineers Journal

The Naval Engineers Journal (NEJ) is the quarterly, peer-reviewed technical journal published by the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE). The first issue was published in 1889, and the NEJ is still going strong. In addition to technical papers and articles representing the broad spectrum of specialties in the field of naval engineering, the NEJ includes guest columns, features and news as well as information about ASNE’s programs, events and Sections.

Access to the Naval Engineers Journal is a benefit of ASNE membership. There are several ways for non-members to purchase access to content.

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ASNE members must be logged in to the ASNE website to access NEJ content, including digital versions of the most recent issues and more than 135 years of the NEJ in the online technical library hosted by IngentaConnect.
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  NEJ ONLINE - Non-Members

Non-members can preview the most recent issue of the NEJ, purchase access to the digital version of the most recent issue, and purchase content from more than 135 years of the NEJ in the online technical library hosted by IngentaConnect.
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  Submit a Technical Paper

ASNE invites members and non-members to submit technical papers for peer review. There is no fee to publish in the NEJ.
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ASNE offers a variety of subscription types for institutions. Individuals should join ASNE for the best rate for a subscription to the NEJ.
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  Purchase Papers/Back Issues

Non-members can view abstracts and purchase individual papers/articles from more than 135 years of the NEJ or purchase print copies of some back issues.
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The NEJ is distributed to ASNE members and subscribers as well as attendees at industry events. Advertising is available in both the print and digital versions.

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  NEJ Editorial Board

The NEJ Editorial Board is led by an Editor-in-Chief and includes more than a dozen Associate Editors whose mission is to provide, promote and sustain a scholarly forum for the dissemination and exchange of naval engineering knowledge.
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  NEJ Digital Supplement

The December 2014 issue of the NEJ featured 60 student papers representing research being accomplished by students for the Navy. Sixteen papers were published in the print journal; the remaining are published in this digital addendum.
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  NEJ Partnership with ARP

The December 2021 issue of the NEJ featured top papers from the 21st Annual Acquisition Research Symposium. This partnership will continue in 2022.
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