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ASNE Member Patents

A number of ASNE members have received patents for their work. To be added to the following list, please email: asnehq@navalengineers.org.

Inventor Name Patent Number Issue Date Patent Title
Georgi V. Tsiklauri, Bruce M. Durst, Andrew W. Prichard, Bruce D. Reid, CAPT James G. Burritt, USN (Ret.) 5793831 Aug 11, 1998 Method and apparatus for improving the performance of a steam driven power system by steam mixing
Donald B. Harris, Willard Sokol III, Robert J. Galway 7975638 July 12, 2011 Method and Device for Releasably Latching a Water Vessel to a Line
Robert J. Galway 8020505 Sep 20, 2011 Probe Receiver Device for Recovering Surface Water Vessels
Vladimir M. Shkolnikov 8020504 Sep 20, 2011 Structural Component for Producing Ship Hulls, Ship Hulls Containing the Same, & Method of Manufacturing the Same
Vladislav Francis Colangelo 8051790 Nov 8, 2011 LCAC Lander, Launcher and Lifter
Robert J. Galway 8225735 July 24, 2012 Contemporaneous Latching and Fueling Arrangement for Fueling a Water Vessel
Vladimir M. Shkolnikov 8430046 Apr 30, 2013 Material-Transition Structural Component for Producing of Hybrid Ship Hulls, Ship Hulls Containing the Same, and Method of Manufacturing the Same
Donald B. Harris, Robert J. Galway, and Brandon Z. Lukert 8568076 Oct 29, 2013  Sea Surface Vessel Recovery and Fueling System
Scott M. Petersen, Donald B. Harris, and Robert Galway 8943992 Feb 3, 2015 Remote Autonomous Replenishment Buoy for Sea Surface Craft
Robert J. Galway 9381979 July 5, 2016 Portable Lightweight Apparatus and Method for Transferring Heavy Loads
Robert J. Galway 10053195 Aug 21, 2018 Shipboard Side-Mounted Extending Articulated Boom for Fueling and Maintenance Operations