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Welcome to Pascagoula

Welcome to the Pascagoula Section representing the American Society of Naval Engineers in the Pascagoula, MS region.


Welcome to the Northern New England Section representing the American Society of Naval Engineers in the Northern New England area.

We strive to provide presentations of interest to our members and guests. Meetings are monthly and are typically scheduled from September until late Spring jointly with SNAME and occasionally with the Navy League at locations varying from Bath, Maine to Boston, Massachusetts. The usual meeting format includes a social hour, dinner, presentation and Q&A period. Several meetings each season are field trips to industry landmarks. Our meetings are usually the Third Thursday of the month, unless otherwise noted.

We are always in need of volunteers. If you wish to volunteer, please contact one of the officers.  

The American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) was founded in 1888 to foster research and development in the new technology of steam propulsion and in new materials as applied to naval warships. ASNE has since expanded its breadth of interest to all engineering matters as related to naval ship design, maintenance, and operation. Current membership is comprised of over 5,000 engineers engaged in shipboard hull, mechanical, and electrical systems; combat systems; hydrodynamics; naval architecture; nuclear and conventional propulsion; aircraft systems; and a potpourri of traditional engineering disciplines as applied to naval ships.