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On-Demand Learning: Insights into the Newest Ice Technology

New acquisition programs have yielded innovative solutions to problems posed by the Arctic and Antarctic environments. On November 17, these three speakers shared new innovations along with decades of experience developing, deploying, and maintaining new technologies in icy waters. Andrew Kendrick, a Principal Consultant with Vard Marine Inc., presented insights and experiences gained from his distinguished background and perspective, while Professor Kaj Riska explored scientific design scenarios and considerations necessary for operating in these conditions. Jukka Mäkiranta will explored new technology options and perspectives, assessing the findings against “the 3 E’s” of buyer interest. The collaboration between Vard Marine and ILS Ship Design and Engineering has yielded many new technologies and insights into navigating ice conditions, and this group shared these innovations and perspectives with the ASNE community.
The lively Q&A was able to further explore the use cases and design considerations of the award-winning Motorized detachable icebreaking bow (DIBB).

Please download a PDF of the slide deck and the Q&A summary.          Interested in the videos? You can download the 88-MB file here.


Date & Time: November 17th, 2021; 1200-1300 ET (Presentation with live Q&A discussion)
Audience: All engineers, program managers, executives, and students interested in ice technologies.
Virtual Course Format: This presentation and discussion will occur in Microsoft Teams. If you do not have Teams, you will be able to view this event in your browser.
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Presenters' Biographies

Andrew Kendrick - Vard Marine Inc.Kendrick Bio Picture

Andrew Kendrick is a Principal Consultant with Vard Marine Inc. He is a naval architect with extensive experience in ship design, marine research and development, and public policy formulation, including supporting the development of the IMO Polar Code as part of the Canadian delegation. Andrew’s recent design projects include the Canadian Polar Icebreaker, the US Polar Security Cutter, the Chilean Navy Antarctic vessel, and the RCN’s Arctic and Offshore Patrol Vessels, the first of which recently completed its maiden voyage through the North West Passage. He has undertaken ice trials on vessels ranging in size from large bulk carriers to ships’ lifeboats, and model testing on an equally wide variety of vessel types. Andrew has presented technical papers and presentations to numerous organizations, including ASNE’s Arctic Days. He is the President of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME).


Professor Kaj Riska - ILS Ship Design and Engineering

Riska Bio PictureKaj Riska graduated as a M.Sc. in Mathematics and D.Sc. in Naval Architecture from the Helsinki University of Technology. Was the Professor of Arctic Marine Structures in the Helsinki University of Technology and Director (Helsinki) of ILS Ship Design & Engineering, before becoming Professor II at the Norwegian Science and Technology University in Trondheim to 2021.

Whilst at Total S.A. working as a senior ice engineer, Kaj led the first focus group on operating in Extreme Cold and became responsible for the Extreme Cold R&D. Awarded the Total innovation prize for Arctic LNG carrier in 2014, he was recognised as the Expert in Ice Engineering in 2017.

A specialist on ice action on ships and ice class rules, especially the Finnish-Swedish Ice Class Rules. Contributed to design of several icebreakers and ice breaking ships, and to ice resistant FPSU in the Bohai Bay (with a soft yoke) and the Varandey terminal in the Pechora Sea. At the Helsinki University of Technology, he was responsible for the large ice laboratory at the University. Kaj has near 100 refereed articles in scientific journals and a score of conference papers to further illustrate his breadth of knowledge and appreciation of his peers for his subject matter expertise.


Jukka Mäkiranta - ILS Ship Design and EngineeringMakiranta Bio Picture

Jukka Mäkiranta is a Senior Naval Architect with ILS Ship Design and Engineering Oy. His duties have ranged from concept designs of cruise ships, special vessels and offshore structures to basic design in shipbuilding. He graduated with a M.Sc. degree in Naval Architecture from the Helsinki University of Technology in 2003 and also has a M.Sc. degree in Logistics, from the Turku School of Economics. Jukka’s recent design projects include special purpose ships, arctic cargo vessels, offshore structures for demanding ice conditions and LNG fueled Excellence Class cruise ships for Costa Crociere S.p.A.



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