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Congratulations to the Entire PEP Community!

Each team at Pohick Bay did an amazing job persevering through challenges and finding ways to maximize success. Thank YOU for making PEP successful!

The PEP 2022 Community

Scorll around and see everyone who made the Pohick Bay race so special!


Welcome Messages for PEP 2022

Dr. Steven Russell, Office of Naval Research (ONR)

ONR has backed PEP from its original ideation, and Dr. Russell has been the primary force providing the guidance and structure that has allowed PEP to flourish.



CAPT Dale Lumme, USN (Ret.), American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE)

CAPT Lumme works to connect the PEP program with industry so it can continue support the development of the future workforce.


The Top 3 Finishers

We truly believe each team that made it to Pohick Bay succeeded. These six teams had the best times on competition day!

Manned 1st Place: Washington College


2022 Manned Champions

Washington College

Time: 5 miles in 22:23

Manned 1st Place: Washington College
Unmanned 1st Place: Texas A&M


2022 Unmanned Champions

Texas A&M

Time: 5 miles in 17:42

Unmanned 1st Place: Texas A&M
Manned 2nd Place: Old Dominion University


2022 Manned 2nd Place

Old Dominion University

Time: 4.75 miles in 25:29

Manned 2nd Place: Old Dominion University
Unmanned 2nd Place: Stevens Institute of Technology


2022 Unmanned 2nd Place

Stevens Institute of Technology

Time: 1.9 miles in 40:00

Unmanned 2nd Place: Stevens Institute of Technology
Manned 3rd Place: University of Pittsburgh


2022 Manned 3rd Place

University of Pittsburgh

Time: 3.0 miles in 37:13

Manned 3rd Place: University of Pittsburgh
Unmanned 3rd Place: Johns Hopkins University


2022 Unmanned 3rd Place

Johns Hopkins University

Time: 1.85 miles in 40:00

Unmanned 3rd Place: Johns Hopkins University


Race-Day Summary from ASNE's Educator-in-Residence Mike Briscoe

Race-Day Memories


More About PEP

The Overview

Promoting Electric Propulsion (PEP) for Small Craft is an educational and competitive program to foster the development of electric boats in the United States. College teams are granted up to $7,000 and put in touch with mentors and online learning to ensure they can safely construct an electric-powered boat that can complete a five-mile race. If you read this material and still have questions, please contact us at education@navalengineers.org. The third PEP competition will be held May 2022 in the mid-Atlantic region. You can sign up by today by completing this application.

PEP: Powering the Future Workforce

The Naval Engineering community needs a more diverse, energetic workforce ready to tackle modern problems. PEP empowers students with knowledge and real-world experience. This senior project is consistently one of the most sought-after options in ME departments. This program brings new perspectives and new voices to the naval engineering, and prepares them to be successful upon graduation.

These universities and ASNE's form two legs of a three-legged stool that includes industry. These teams need industry partners to provide mentors, in-kind donations, and a window into professional naval engineering. These student teams are meeting virtually throughout Fall 2020 providing a unique opportunity for professionals to join the conversation for an hour or two, and help guide the future naval engineering workforce.

PEP includes nearly 80 college students in universities across the country. They need our help to complete this education and find their career.


Interested in joining in the fun? The PEP program is still adding a couple more teams for the 2022 competition. We give grants to schools to help them compete in PEP and connect them with industry experts over the course of the year to facilitate their designs and fabrications. Students conceive, design, build, test and race their own craft for a five-mile race.


Still looking for work? Review these positions and email us for help.


Questions/Comments/Suggestions? Email education@navalengineers.org!