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Things are going well. The one thing to note is that we shifted the competition date to Thursday, May 26, to accommodate a shift in the Princeton convocation date. We hope this isn't an issue for you. I am working with the teams to keep the eye on designing electric propulsion systems and finding ways to purchase/locate hulls that fit their designs.

I will record any semester-end meetings here and add documentation from the teams as it becomes available.


PEP Updates


Fall Semester Presentation

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University of Pittsburgh

Promotional Brochure for Potential Funders

Wake Forest University

Nov 10 (Wed.) 11am ET

University of Michigan e-Jetski

Nov 22 (Mon.) 4pm ET

North Carolina A&T

Nov 18 (Thurs.) 3:30pm ET

Princeton University

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Michigan Solar Sea

10:30am Sat, Dec 12

Slide Deck from Dec 12

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Nov. 22 (Mon.) 1:30pm ET

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