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ASNE offers numerous symposia throughout the year covering topics as diverse as combat systems, launch and recovery, fleet maintenance and modernization, corrosion mitigation, etc.  Please visit the symposium calendar for a list of upcoming events, or click on an event below to register.

What's Next?

Mission Engineering and Analysis, and Integration and Interoperability: April 25-26 2017 | Dahlgren, VA

Mission Engineering is an emergent discipline in which system-of-systems engineering tools and practices are used to understand, model, analyze, architect, design and manage complex missions as end-to-end mission threads, across the entire doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities and policy (DOTMLPFP) spectrum. Navy initiatives in Integration and Interoperability strive to deliver combat capabilities that are efficient, effective and affordable. For more information please visit the MEAII website

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