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ASNE History

Adapted and updated from ASNE: The First 100 Years by CDR Bruce I. Meader, USN (Ret.)

September 30, 1888
"The American Society of Naval Engineers was born on September 30, 1888. A group of engineer officers gathered in the Bureau of Steam Engineering to discuss the possibility of publishing a journal for the dissemination of information on naval engineering....'The purpose of the meeting was to organize, with the object of printing the results of experiments, records of trial trips, breakdowns, etc., of ships of the Navy, and also for the purpose of reading papers and discussing debatable subjects in naval engineering.'" — CDR Bruce I. Meader, USN (Ret.), ASNE: The First 100 Years
February, 1889

Naval Engineers Journal first issue published. To this day, the Journal continues to be one of our most treasured member benefits, with the full archives, back to 1889, available to members for free online.

January 9, 1897

The ASNE logo was first approved by the Council. The logo was based on the uniform insignia worn at the time by officers of the U.S. Navy Engineering Corps – the community that had founded the Society in 1888. At that time the Engineering Corps was a staff corps and the stripes worn on the sleeves of their blue service dress uniforms were gold stripes with red cloth between the stripes, and the staff insignia that they wore was four oak leaves arranged in a cross. Subsequently in 1899 the Engineering Corps was discontinued and those officers were made Line Officers, restricted to Engineering Duty Only, in order to better integrate their rank structure with officers of the Unrestricted Line. Thus their uniform insignia became the same as the Unrestricted Line – gold stripes on the blue uniform background with gold star insignia. However, ASNE retained the original design for the logo in recognition of our heritage.

January 4, 1923

The first civilians were appointed to ASNE's governing Council.

January, 1946

The first Coast Guard officer to be elected President of ASNE is Rear Admiral Harvey F. Johnson.


The first ASNE awards are established, fittingly to honor the most promising young engineers from the graduating classes at the U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

May 1959

The first ASNE Gold Medal Award for outstanding contributions in naval engineering is presented to Mr. Valor C. Smith for his work in ship antenna design.

April 28, 1961

The first ASNE charter is granted to the Flagship Section.

September 19, 1967

The Solberg Award is established in honor of Rear Admiral T.A. Solberg, the first Chief of Naval Research and ASNE President in 1949.  The inaugural recipient is CAPT Paul M. Wolff, USN.

The "Jimmie" Hamilton Award is established in honor of Captain James Hamilton, the long-time Secretary-Treasurer of ASNE.  The inaugural recipient is B.W. Lankford, Jr. for "The Structural Design of the ASR Catamaran Cross-Structure."

December 17, 1968

The San Diego Section is chartered.

December 16, 1970

The Delaware Valley and Tidewater Sections are chartered.

July 1, 1974

Mr. Robert Taggert is the first civilian career professional elected President of the Society.

August 15, 1975

The Combat Systems Committee is established with Captain Alfred Skolnick, USN as its first chairman. CAPT Skolnick would go on to be President of the Society from 1985-1989.


ASNE Council commissions study on feasibility of ASNE Educational Benefits program

April, 1977

The Harold E. Saunders Award for lifetime achievement in Naval Engineering is established. The first recipient is Mr. Almon Johnson.


Scholarship Program established with $20K bond

May 1979

The first ASNE Scholarships are awarded.

May 1, 1981

The Frank G. Law award is established to honor contributions to the Society. The first recipient is Captain Frank G. Law, USN (Ret.)


First “named scholarships” established (Convy and Glatz), and four Sections donate Symposia proceeds to establish regional scholarships.

May, 1983

The first Section of the Year Award is presented to the Delaware Valley Section.


Applications limited to final two years of undergraduate work; Peterson Builders Scholarship established.


Representatives from local sections (Tidewater and Mechanicsburg) added to committee.

July 1, 1986

Ms. Susan Lee Bales is the first woman elected Vice President of the Society.


Skolnick Family/BETA Scholarship established to encourage female applicants.


The inaugural Claud A. Jones Fleet Engineer Award is presented to CDR Carl N. Strawbridge, USN.

May 3-7, 1988

The Society celebrates its Centennial with ASNE Day 1988.


Tidewater (Pitt) and McVoy scholarships established.


BMT (D&P) Scholarship established.


Undergraduate further limited to final year; Erdner bequest received; Section Scholarship guidelines drafted.


Council approves Section-sponsored scholarship guidelines; Northern New England Section scholarship established.


Mechanicsburg establishes second “named” scholarship.


Ms. Sarah "Sally" Skolnick is the first female Executive Director of the Society.


San Diego Section scholarship established.


Kentuckiana and Delaware Valley Sections establish scholarships, BMT revives its scholarship in honor of John J. Nachtsheim.


Convy Fund provides additional $1000 for graduate scholars.


Undergraduate award value raised to $2500, combined student membership with SNAME.


Ms. Sarah "Sally" Skolnick is the first female Executive Director of the Society.


The first recipients of the Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineer award are named: Mr. Jason A. Reynolds and Dr. Jennifer Kehl Waters.


The inaugural Frank C. Jones Award for Major Maintenance and Alteration is presented to CAPT Leroy A. Brown, USN (Ret.).


Awards raised to $3,000 Undergraduate and $4,000 Graduate.


Ms. Kathleen Hinton is the first woman elected President of ASNE.

The inaugural Clifford G. Geiger award for Naval Logistics is presented to Mr. Craig F. Brandenburg.

February, 2010

ASNE's inaugural Global Shipbuilding Executive Summit (GSES) was held February, 2010 and co-hosted with Siemens PLM Software to share naval shipbuilding best practices and to explore solutions to major industry challenges among government and industry officials including international allies

May, 2012

ASNE furthers its international presence by co-sponsoring the inaugural Indian Shipbuilding Executive Summit, held in New Delhi, India. This event was co-hosted with Siemens PLM Software and officials from the Indian Maritime Foundation and the American Bureau of Shipbuilding.


First doctoral degree candidates approved; BMT renews 5-year commitment to John Nachtsheim Scholarship.

March, 2014

ASNE celebrates its 125th birthday with a special edition of Naval Engineers Journal featuring letters from The Honorable Sean Stackley, VADM William Hilarides, RADM Bryant Fuller, RADM Ronald Rábago, and CAPT Glenn Ashe.


John Malone retires after 30+ years on ASNE's Scholarship Committee committee.