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Congratulations to our 2023 Award Recipients!

Each year, the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) celebrates excellence in naval engineering by recognizing individuals who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in one or more facets of the industry.

ASNE is pleased to announce our 2023 recipients of the following prestigious awards:

Gold Medal Award (Engineering)


Mr. James J. Ciba, USN

Presented annually since 1958, the Gold Medal is given to an individual who has made a significant naval engineering contribution in a particular area during the past five years. View past recipients

Harold E. Saunders Award (Lifetime Achievement)

Presented annually since 1977, the Harold E. Saunders Award honors an individual whose reputation in naval engineering spans a long career of notable achievement and influence. View past recipients

Frank G. Law Award (Service to ASNE)


Ms. Jessica Galassie

Originally presented in 1980, the Frank G. Law Award is given to an individual whose longtime dedication and service to the Society is deemed worthy of special recognition.View past recipients

Claud A. Jones Award (Fleet Engineering)


Ms. Candice K. Larence, USN

Presented annually since 1987, the Claud A. Jones Award is given to a fleet or field engineer who has made significant contributions to improving operational engineering or material readiness of our maritime forces during the past three years. View past recipients

Frank C. Jones (Major Maintenance & Alterations)


CAPT Ashley Wright, USN

The Frank C. Jones Award, named for RADM Frank C. Jones, a past President of ASNE, is presented for major achievements in Maintenance and Alteration. The award recognizes Naval Engineering professionals who, over a period of the last ten years, culminating in the most recent previous year, have substantially and significantly contributed to their agency's intermediate and/or depot-level ship maintenance and/or alteration programs that involve the complex work of managing, planning, preparation and/or execution of extensive repairs, overhauls, upgrades and/or modernizations. View past recipients

Rosenblatt Award (Young Engineer)


Ms. Makayla Holt, USN

Established in memory of Mandell and Lester Rosenblatt, the Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineer Award is presented to persons less than 35 years of age who have demonstrated remarkable, early professional achievement in one or more areas of naval engineering. View past recipients

Clifford G. Geiger Award (Naval Logistics)


Ms. Carletta G. Long, USN

This award recognizes naval logistics professionals who, over a period of years, have exemplified the ideals portrayed by Clifford G. Geiger through his exceptional leadership and influence within the naval logistics community, his determined efforts to strengthen the synergy between engineering and logistics, and his dedication to enhancing the capability and stature of the naval logistics profession through increased emphasis on education and professional development for naval logisticians. View past recipients

"Jimmie" Hamilton Award (Naval Engineers Journal)

Dr. Douglas Van Bossuyt, PH.D; Mr. Andrew Machamer; CDR Mark M. Rhoades, USN (Ret.), for the paper “Optimizing the Periodicity of Preventative Maintenance Inspection Based on Historical Reliability Data for Naval Steam Condensers.”

Presented annually since 1967, the “Jimmie” Hamilton Award recognizes the best original technical paper published in Naval Engineers Journal during that award year. The NEJ Editorial Board selects the paper based on professionalism of subject matter, depth of treatment, importance and lasting value, clarity of composition and style, and individual effort.View past recipients