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University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky continues to grow and impress with multiple entrants each year and an ever-improving design on their Zodiac Milpro hull. This year’s team demonstrated great last-minute engineering prowess and demonstrated the amazing spirit earning a PEP Spirit award. This year, the team’s remote control was not able to control all aspects of the system, so they transitioned to the Manned Division and operated the craft with one team member using the controller to work the throttle while a second team member manually directed the motor. The resulting craft was remarkably powerful and handled the open water of the Elizabeth River well. During all this work, the team found time to help a competitor from another team dress a wound and get headed to receive the needed stitches. This ability to make huge adjustments on the fly while treating fellow competitors with tremendous support, shows the type of high-quality engineers that continue to join UK’s PEP team.

Congratulations for continuing to demonstrate high-quality engineering and always persevering to find a solution!


University of Kentucky at PEP 23


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