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Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University represented their hometown excellently on the course and off. Not only have they improved their craft to complete the race even faster, but they helped visiting teams in numerous ways as acknowledged by their spirit award. On the water, the team quickly put their heads together to solve an overheating motor—the solution: wet socks repeatedly applying seawater to the outside. Off the water, the team jumped into action the night before PEP 23 to provide possible equipment to teams in need. The ingenuity and generosity displayed by this team show a team well positioned to continue to grow and flourish.Congratulations on creating a growing team that can leverage industry to achieve remarkable engineering feats!

Old Dominion published an article detailing their successes. Click here to read it.
Learn more about the ODU ASNE Chapter, and contact them directly using the ASNE Tidewater leadership list.


ODU at PEP 23



Lab Visit on May 31