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Papillon Rouge

The Papillon Rouge team of students from Princeton University have been working hard for three years building expertise and craft to achieve lofty goals. The 2023 competition saw them meet many of their goals by taking first with an impressive craft that was looping majestically around the Elizabeth River in sweeping turns at impressive speeds. Driver, Andrew Robbins, demonstrated how to safely operate a craft designed for high speeds. Team lead, Nathan Yates, has been shepherding this work for three years and is taking his impressive talents to the workforce next year. The team is full of talented engineers that worked quickly, efficiently and impressively at the Washington College race in April and again at PEP 23. This collaborative environment, including industry partner Flux Marine, creates an impressive foundation for continued growth.

       Congratulations on many years of hard work paying off fruitfully!

Big Bird






Washington College event April 2023