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ASNE/SNAME Strategic Alliance

Strategic Alliance

The American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) and the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) have formed a formal strategic alliance with one another as a way to better accomplish several mutual goals. As of June 2005, the alliance had been approved by both society leadership councils and was in full operation.  

ASNE and SNAME are unique professional engineering societies that share a number of common objectives and challenges. The strategic alliance was originally proposed by the societies’ leadership in order to effectively meet common objectives while maintaining and furthering each society’s unique identity.  

An interim joint committee was appointed in September 2004 by leadership councils of both societies. The committee completed a detailed analysis of the alliance proposal in order to clearly define the objectives, priorities, processes and areas of interest to ASNE and SNAME and to identify the value added to both parties as a result of an alliance.   

In addition to recommending the formation of a permanent Strategic Alliance committee, the interim joint committee recommended the formation of a two-year Technical and Research Program Trial Alliance as the first specific joint project.

Technical & Research Program Trial Alliance   

ASNE and SNAME have long established records of promoting the exchange of technical information within the maritime engineering community and helping to advance the state of the art within the maritime engineering professions. To further those purposes, SNAME developed a Technical and Research (T&R) Program that includes a structure of technical committees and panels.  

The objective of the trial program is to evaluate the possibility of expanding and strengthening the existing SNAME T&R Program through a cooperative arrangement with ASNE. The trial program will allow ASNE to gain a greater understanding of the T&R Program and develop an appropriate level of commitment based on feedback in various aspects of the program. SNAME will also have the opportunity to evaluate the potential benefit from a joint effort based on ASNE participating during the trial period.

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