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If you are an American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) member, you have access to the ASNE Committee Directory, which includes detailed committee descriptions and contact information for committee members. You must be logged in to view this member's only content.

If you are not an ASNE member, a list of ASNE committees is provided below with the names and email addresses for the committee chairs. You do not need to be an ASNE member to volunteer for a committee.


ASNE Committees



ASNE Day Executive Committee

CAPT Stephen D. Metz, USN (Ret.)


ASNE Day Exhibits

Mr. J. Carey Filling


Mr. Michael G. Anderson



CAPT Paul J. Roden, USCG (Ret.) 

Combat Systems

CAPT Joseph L. Johnson, Jr., USNR

Joint Strategic Alliance

Ms. Kathleen Cain


NEJ Editorial Board

Dr. Clifford A. Whitcomb

Long Range Planning

RADM David P. Sargent, Jr., USN (Ret.)


Open Position - Please contact ASNE at 703-836-6727 if you are interested.

Presidents Club Coordinating

Ms. Kaylene H. Green


Mr. Michael F. Tangora



Mrs. Alexis Byrd



CDR Richard C. Celotto, USN (Ret.)



CDR Martin C. Oard, USCG (Ret.)


Ship Design Committee (Joint ASNE SNAME)

Mr. Robert Keane, Jr.

Ways and Means

CDR Charles G. Pfeifer, USN (Ret.)



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