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Types of Membership


Types of Membership

There are several different types of American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) membership. The membership types and the annual membership dues for each type are outlined below.

Individual Members:
Annual Membership Dues for Members - $145 (30 years or older) / $70 (under 30 years) 

1)  Active or retired commissioned and warrant officers (regular and reserve) of the United States Navy, Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force and other organizational entities of the United States engaged in naval engineering.

2)  Other persons actively engaged in or retired from the practice of naval engineering or teaching within one of the broad aspects of naval engineering.

Associate Member:
Annual Membership Dues for Associate Members - $145 (30 years or older) / $70 (under 30 years)

An Associate Member is anyone who is not eligible as an Individual Member, but has a special interest in naval engineering and the Society.


Student Member:
Annual Membership Dues for Student Members- $35

A Student Member is any full time student seeking a bachelor’s or graduate degree associated within the naval engineering field.

Membership is valid until the end of ASNE’s fiscal year or at the point at which the student graduates or severs their association with the college or university.

Spouse Member:
Annual Membership Dues for Spouse Members - $35

A Spouse Member is anyone who is a spouse of a current member who is eligible for Individual Membership.


Emeritus Member:
Annual Membership Dues for Emeritus Members- $50

Any Individual Member or Associate Member, after 25 years of membership and having reached the age of 62 may become an Emeritus Member.


Membership is based upon personal or corporate qualifications and is not transferable. Any person eligible for membership is admitted upon application and payment of annual dues provided that the application is approved by the ASNE Membership Committee.

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