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NEJ: Volume 114 No. 1

Volume: 114 
Year: 2002 


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Table of Contents

  • A Statistical Method for Estimating the Life Expectancy of Certain Shipboard Equipment
    Dennis E. Smith, PhD., David A. Breslin, P.E., Gregory S. Toms, P.E.

  • Engineering Aegis Cruiser Topsides: Enhancing Design Capabilities and Life Cycle Support
    Dr. Dana L. Day, Donald C. Puglisi, Gary D. Gross, John A. Latimer, Kevin M. Mulkern, Dr. Ali Farsaie, Christine M. Korkalo

  • Toward More Effective Technology Insertions for Chemical and Biological Defense
    Christopher J. Vogt and Peter Novick

  • Application of Guns in Naval Force Protection
    Andrew Bradick

  • Structural Testing of Navy Vessels Using Bragg Gratings and a Prototype Digital Spatial Wavelength Domain Multiplexing (DSWDM) System
    Chris Baldwin, John Niemcauk, Jason Kiddy, Peter Chen, Martin Christiansen, and Shiping Chen

  • Navy Mobile Instrumentation System
    Michael R. Coussa

  • Commercial Marine Emissions and Life-Cycle Analysis of Retrofit Controls in a Changing Science and Polity Environment
    James J. Corbett, P.E. and Paul S. Fischbeck

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