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NEJ: Volume 119 No. 4

Volume: 119 
Year: 2007 


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Table of Contents

  • What Do Offshore Patrol Vessels Have in Common? Not Much
    Edward Lundquist

  • Application of Models in the Design of Underwater Electromagnetic Signature Reduction Systems
    John J. Holmes

  • USS Boone (FFG 28) Emergent Underwater Rudder Replacement
    Jay A. Young

  • Toward a Lightweight Design Philosophy for High-Speed Sealift Ships
    Robert G. Keane, Jr., Robert M. Scher, and Ryszard Piskorski

  • Advanced SiC Power Modules for 13.8kV Power Distribution
    Ty McNutt, Marc Sherwin, Steve Van Campen, Robert Howell, Andy Walker, Kathy Ha, Harold Hearne, Kevin Motto, Thomas Roettger, Dustin Gutshall, Bettina Nechay, Ranbil Singh, Scott Leslie, and Jason Lai

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