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NEJ Volume 120 No. 4

Volume: 120 
Year: 2008 

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Table of Contents

Technical Papers

  • Using Required Operational Capabilities to Connect Operational and Technical Requirements
    Kenneth M. Adams and Ken Kott

  • High Frequency AC Power System
    Raymond M. Calfo, Gregory E. Poole, and John E. Tessaro

  • Modeling and Simulation of Notional Future Radar in Non-Standard Propagation Environments Facilitated by Mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction Modeling
    Robert E. Marshall, William D. Thornton, George LeFurjah, and Timothy S. Casey

  • Agility and the Combat System
    Ken Kott, Kenneth M. Adams, and Rick Dove

  • Navy Radar Trades at the Ship Interface
    James W. White and Amy Billups

  • Combat System Application of Change-Tolerant Technology: Using Rules Engine for Decision Automation
    Catherine L. Payne, Mark E. Schmid, Barbara A. Shapter and Brian T. Taylor

  • Methods for Naval Ship Concept and Propulsion Technology Exploration in a CGX Case Study
    Justin Strock and Alan Brown


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