1423 Powhatan St., Suite 1
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Phone (703) 836-6727
Fax (703) 836-7491
Email: asnehq@navalengineers.org

About Us

Welcome to the ASNE Central Gulf Coast Section! Thank you for your interest in ASNE. For your information, the current leadership of the Section is as follows:

Chair: Mr. V. Frank Colangelo, fcolangelo@cox.net
Vice Chair: Mr. Guy Hardwick, guy.hardwick@cox.net
Treasurer: Mr. Chuck Freeman, chufre@msn.com
Secretary: CAPT Jeff Gamble, USCG (ret.), jqgamble77@aol.com
Programs Chair: Mr. Lance Ranlett, lance@greenmarine.com
Webmaster: Mr. Jonathan Eastridge, jeastrid@uno.edu
Student Liaison: Mr. Shivank Srivastava, ssrivast@uno.edu

Note: Your participation in our Section activities is welcomed and encouraged. If you have ideas for meetings or presentation topics, please contact any of the above individuals. Thanks in advance for your interest, support and participation in ASNE!

Open Board Position Announcement!

The ASNE Central Gulf Coast Section is currently seeking to have the role of Treasurer filled. If interested, please contact our Chairman, Frank Colangelo at fcolangelo@cox.net.