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2019-2020 Technical Program

Community Event: October 21 - Future Floating Seminar: An American and Dutch Perspective - Click here for Program and Registration

The global population is quickly rising and moving toward coastal cities. By 2050 our planet will need to support 10 billion people, with more than half of them living in a narrow band of coastal land. Increasing coastal population densities and rising sea levels have forced us to fi nd new solutions to manage these increasingly diffi cult problems of space, energy, food, and water. A possible next step would be to better use our oceans. Is “fl oating” the answer for our future? Can we effectively and comfortably live and work in a fl oating city? We invite you to explore these and other questions at the upcoming seminar, “Floating Future”. MARIN and the Royal Netherlands Embassy invite you to this unique event. Presenters from offshore energy and navy-related industries will present their perspectives on current and future offshore operations. The US Navy will discuss seabasing concepts and complex operations at sea and the Dutch maritime industry will provide insight into their experience operating the largest offshore vessels in the world. Topics will include modern mega fl oater technology and the technical feasibility and sustainability and resilience of mega structures at sea, such as cities, energy islands, and ports. The seminar will also include panel discussions led by prominent speakers and industry experts from US and Dutch organizations and companies, like the Offi ce of Naval Research (ONR), MARIN, Boskalis, Allseas, and others.

Community Event: January 14-16: Surface Navy Association National Symposium - Come visit our ASNE Flagship Booth! Click here for more information!