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Development of the T-AGOS 25 Contract Design


CACI (Maritime Plaza); 1201 M Street SE; Room 214


Wednesday, October 25, 2023; 1100 - 1245 ET

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The American Society of Naval Engineers Flagship section cordially invites you to attend and in-person presentation on:

Development of the T-AGOS 25 Contract Design

Presented By:

Mr. Tom Waters, Chief Naval Architect for T-AGOS 25

Mr. Tom Waters will describe the results of the “in-house” US Navy Contract Design efforts developing a new Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) form to recapitalize the existing T-AGOS 19 and T-AGOS 23 fleet. He will discuss T-AGOS 25’s predicted hydrodynamic performance and show a model test video of the hull in sea states 6 and 7. T-AGOS 25 will be larger and faster than the present ships. The new ship will displace 8,500 tons with a max speed of 20 knots as compared with 3,380 tons and 10 knots for T-AGOS 19 and 5,370 tons and 13 knots for T-AGOS 23. The T-AGOS ships with SURTASS surveillance capabilities have special importance today as China and other navies greatly expand their submarine fleets. The US Navy plans to acquire at least seven T-AGOS 25s and has awarded Austal the detail design and construction contract.

Mr. Waters has worked in and for the Navy Department for over 50 years conducting hydromechanics research, developing new ship hull forms, and participating in ship design acquisitions. Specifically for SWATH technology – he had major roles in the development of the stealth ship Sea Shadow, the T-AGOS 19, and T-AGOS 23 class designs. Furthermore, he has also worked on the CVN 76 hull form, served as Systems Engineering Manager for the LCS 1, LCS 2, and DDG 1000 classes, and then as the Surface Ship Hydrodynamics Warranted Technical Authority.

Prior to his T-AGOS 25 assignment in 2018, Mr. Waters was Head of the Full-Scale Surface Ship Trials Branch at NSWCCD. Over the years, he has also served on the Steering Maneuvering Committee for the American Towing Tank Conference (ATTC) and on the SNAME H-10 Ship Controllability Panel. He holds a BSE (1975) and MSE (1979) in Naval Architecture from the University of Michigan.


-ASNE Flagship Council

Note: Must be a U.S. Citizen to attend.


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