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Terms and Conditions

The following applies to all ASNE events unless otherwise noted on its individual website. Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. 

ASNE reserves the right to reject any application or registration if applicant is not paid in full for previous activities. By attending the ASNE event, each participant consents to being filmed, photographed and recorded during and in connection with the Meeting and consents to the use or publication of such recordings in connection with any promotional, educational or professional purposes. Each participant releases ASNE and its board members, directors, officers, employees, or agents from any and all liability arising from the recordings or their uses, including for infringement of proprietary rights, invasion of privacy, defamation or any other cause of action, and waives any right to inspect or approve such recordings and any and all rights to payment of royalties in connection therewith.

Attendee Registration

Submission of registration, whether online or via email, fax, phone, mail or in-person constitutes registration and agreement with these Terms & Conditions. In the event a credit card is declined or a check is returned, the registrant must provide payment no later than 7 business days prior to the event OR within 7 business days of notification (whichever is sooner) or the registration will be cancelled. In the instance a PO Number is not received or payment is not obtained for any other reason, the individual or organization is still responsible for payment unless a written cancellation is submitted in accordance with the cancellation policy.

Rates selected during on-site registration will be verified post-conference. If an incorrect rate-type has been selected, the registration rate will be adjusted appropriately. Individuals may be responsible for additional payment or eligible for a future credit.

All cancellations and transfers must be submitted in writing.

Due to Coronavirus event execution challenges, cancellation fees for registration will not be assessed for requests submitted greater than 10 days before the event.  Cancellation requests submitted 9 days or less prior to the symposium are subject to a 20% of deposit cancellation fee.

Exhibit & Sponsorship Purchase

Submission of application, whether online or via email, fax, phone, or mail constitutes agreement with these Terms & Conditions. A 50% minimum deposit is due at the time of reservation. In the event full payment is not received within 30 days of application or 14 days prior to the event (whichever is sooner), ASNE retains the right to cancel the reservation. Cancellation fees will apply.

Upon acceptance of an application by ASNE, it shall be a legally binding contract between the applying organization and ASNE; provided that either party may cancel this contract on condition that written notice of such cancellation is received by the other party at least 60 days prior to the scheduled opening date of the show as provided herein. The amount of the fee paid that will be refunded is based on cancellation date and only on condition that such cancellation is made in writing and approved by ASNE.

In order to be responsive to our valued exhibitors and sponsors, the following policies apply to upcoming ASNE events:

COVID-19 Notice

Due to Coronavirus event execution postponements and rescheduling, the following updated Terms & Conditions apply:


A cancellation fee of 25% per booth will be charged if the exhibit is cancelled from the point of receipt of payment by ASNE through 31 days prior to the symposium. Cancellation 30 days or less will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the paid amount. Please note, that ASNE Corporate Sponsors receive a full refund.


Symposium sponsorship cancellation requests submitted greater than 30 days prior to the event are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Requesting 30 days or less prior to the event will result in forfeit of the entire sponsorship fee. Please note, that ASNE Corporate Sponsors receive a full refund.