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AMTS 2022 Mentoring Panel

July 20-21, 2022

Mentoring Panel

  • CAPT Kate Higgins-Bloom, USCG; Deputy Commander, USCG Sector Delaware Bay
  • Dr. Laura Stubbs, CAPT USNR (Ret.), Director, Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania
    Former: Director, Science & Technology Initiatives and STEM Development Office, OSD (Acquisition, Technology & Logistics)
  • Ms. Patricia Woody Reeves, President PWR Consulting Group.
  • Former: First Chief Engineer established at NSWC Philadelphia Division; First Warfare Center Waterfront Chief Engineer (CHENG); Technical Warrant Holder (TWH) for all technical efforts of NSWC Philadelphia Division.
  • Ms. Allyson Jones-Zaroff, NSWC Philadelphia Division Branch Manager, Solid Waste and HAZMAT In-Service Engineering
  • Ms. Allison (DeRocco) Hollish, Deputy Director of Cybersecure HME Controls Systems and Networks at NSWC, Philadelphia Division
    (2020 ASNE Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineers Award Recipient)
  • Commander Jodi J. Min, USCG, Prevention Department Head, USCG Sector Delaware Bay
  • LTJG Amy Chamberlin, USCG, Marine Inspector, USCG Sector Delaware Bay

TSS 2022 Keynote & Mentoring Panel

June 16, 2022

0730-0900: Women’s Mentoring Breakfast Keynote Speaker:

Ms. Margaret G. Palmieri, SES, DOD Deputy Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer (CDAO)

0900-1030: Inspirational Women Fireside Chat (Starts at 2:28:00)

  • Moderator: Ms. Anne Sandel, SES, Principal Civilian Deputy to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition;
  • Mrs. Stephanie Hill, Executive Vice President of Rotary & Mission Systems, Lockheed Martin;
  • Dr. Sandy Magnus, former NASA Astronaut, former DOD Deputy Director, OSD Undersecretary, Research & Engineering, and former NASA Astronaut;
  • Ms. Matice Wright-Springer, Senior Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton, former Naval Aviator (TACAMO)


TSS-CSS 2022 STEM Highlights

January 31-February 3, 2022


  • TSS Chair: Rick White
  • Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineer Award winner Ms. Allison Hollish
  • RADM Mark Hugel, USN (Ret.), President, ASNE
  • CAPT Dale "Kid" Lumme, USN (Ret.)
  • ADM Linda Fagan, USCG, Vice Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard
  • Frank G. Law Award winner Dr. Leigh McCue, Associate Professor, Department Chair of Mechanical Engineering (citation)



Multi-Agency Craft Conference 2021 Mentoring Panel

July 21, 2021


  • Moderator: Leigh McCue, Ph.D., Interim Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering, George Mason University
  • Vice Admiral Sandy Stosz, USCG (Ret.), Author of Breaking Ice & Breaking Glass: Leading in Uncharted Waters
  • Ms. Janie Mines, SVP, Inclusion & Innovation, Academy Securities
  • Captain Laura Collins, USCG, Deputy to the Director of Civilian Personnel, Diversity, Inclusion, and Leadership, USCG
  • Commander Lauren Dufrene, USCG, Executive Officer, USCG Yard Baltimore Commander
  • Alexandra "Lexy" Cherry, USCG, Small Boat Product Line Manager, Surface Forces Logistics Center, Baltimore
  • 2nd Lieutenant Sydney Barber, USMC, USNA 2021; TAD, Policy Analyst, Office of the Vice President of the United States



Intelligent Ships Symposium 2021 Mentoring Panel

April 24, 2021


  • Moderator: Heidi Lenzini, USNA '95
  • Janie Mines, USNA '80
  • Barbette Lowndes, USNA '80
  • Stefanie Goebel, USNA '80
  • LCDR Rebecca Shaw, NOAA, USNA '09
  • LT Shuntiyea Langston, USN, USNA '16


Intelligent Ships Symposium: Developing Employees in a Virtual Environment

April 29, 2021


  • Moderator: Ms. Karen Dunlevy-Miller, Department Head, Propulsion, Power and Auxiliary Machinery Systems, NSWCPD
  • Mr. Alonzie Scott III, SES, Director, Mission Support, ONR
  • Mr. Eric Mscicz, Division Head, Auxiliary Machinery Systems, NSWCPD
  • Ms. Allison Cardarelli, Branch Manager, Automation & Controls R&D, NSWCPD
  • Mr. Greg Mann, Branch Manager, Machinery Control Systems, NSWCPD
  • Mr. Aaron Scherr, Code 322, NSWCPD


Technology Systems & Ships Symposium 2021 Young Professionals Mentoring Roundtable

January 26, 2021


  • Moderator: Dr. Leigh McCue, Editor, Naval Engineers Journal, Interim Chair, Mechanical Engineering, George Mason University
  • Ms. Elizabeth A. ("Anne") Sandel; Executive Director, Office of Naval Research
  • Ms. Patricia Reeves; President, PWR Consulting Group
  • Ms. Allyson Jones-Zaroff; HAZMAT Branch Manager, NSWC Philadelphia
  • CAPT Laura Stubbs, USN(Ret.); Director Office of Diversity & Inclusion, School of Engineering & Applied Science University of Pennsylvania
  • CDR Sarah Rice, USN; Engineering Duty Officer, Department of the Navy
  • Ms. Katherine Wallentine; Operations Manager, Team Ships S&T Directorate, VTG Defense


DSS 2022 Women's Panel

November 7-8, 2022

Women in Engineering Mentoring Panel


  • CAPT (Sel) Sarah Rice, USN, Engineering Duty Officer


  • Dr. Carolyn Judge, U.S. Naval Academy, ASNE Council Member
  • CDR Lauren Dufrene, USCG, Executive Officer, USCG Yard Baltimore, MD.
  • Sarah E. Wickenheiser, Chief Engineer, USCG Civilian; ASNE Frank C. Jones Award Recipient
  • Lt. Russia Roland, USCG; Aide de Camp, USCG Chief Engineer