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Mr. Charles F. Brady

Award: The Frank C. Jones Award (Intermediate/Depot Maintenance & Alterations)
Year: 2020
Recipient: Mr. Charles F. Brady

for his significant contribution to naval engineering as set forth in the following 



Mr. Brady’s journey started in 1991 as an apprentice in the Industrial Department’s Marine Machine Shop at the U.S. Coast Guard Yard and has since translated his early trade experience into a successful career of 29 years, enabling the completion of complex high-value Coast Guard and U.S. Navy projects ahead of schedule and under budget.  Mr. Brady’s visionary leadership directly contributed to the Coast Guard’s most extensive vessel class renovation programs, resulting in successful early production and the establishment of long-term successive projects. Mr. Brady has been a leader of innovations throughout his career, and his accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. 

Over the years, Mr. Brady fulfilled many roles at the Coast Guard Yard from apprentice to Supervisory Project Manager, directing $60 million in planned depot maintenance, casualty response support, and deployed maintenance support across a variety of cutter platforms and homeports annually. A transformative leader, Mr. Brady inherently changed Coast Guard Yard project management processes, streamlining oversight, instilling a solutions-oriented approach to complex problems, and nurturing new capabilities across a 580-member civilian workforce. Overseeing the Coast Guard Yard’s challenging portfolio of Ice Breaker, Buoy and Construction Tenders (IBCT), Mr. Brady expertly led the completion of multiple fleet-wide renovation projects, such as Major Maintenance Availabilities (MMAs) and Service Life Extension Programs (SLEPs), resulting in a global impact on Coast Guard operational readiness. Mr. Brady’s championing of maintenance and process innovations have enhanced naval engineering and exemplify his merit. 

While the Covid-19 pandemic posed tremendous challenges and impacted workplaces around the nation, Mr. Brady oversaw and established adaptations to the Coast Guard Yard to ensure that their deadlines were met while also protecting his workforce. Mr. Brady guided the expansion of distribution of labor across three shifts, and his inventive approach to workforce planning maximized remote and weekend work where practical, minimized onsite presence where possible, and reduced the overall potential for Covid-19 outbreaks. Mr. Brady’s efforts contributed to the on-time completion of a 140-foot SLEP and three 225-foot MMAs during the global pandemic, a truly incredible feat.  

Mr. Brady’s 29-year career at the Coast Guard Yard has led to countless revolutionary and critical accomplishments. He was given the opportunity to mentor and train 16 ship superintendents while in his position as Industrial Production Controller. These men and women, who have been armed with the lessons and knowledge instilled by Mr. Brady, will pioneer even further change for the U.S. National Fleet as a whole. For his mentorship, leadership and lifetime of service to our nation, the American Society of Naval Engineers is privileged to present Mr. Charles F. Brady the 2020 RADM Frank C. Jones award.