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Mr. Michael P. Massa

Award: Clifford G. Geiger Award - Naval Logistics
Year: 2020
Recipient: Mr. Michael P. Massa

for his significant contribution to naval engineering as set forth in the following


Mr. Massa’s 21-year career includes an extensive and progressive list of commercial and government logistics experience, including 11 years as a Naval Reserve Officer along with several years of seagoing experience as a US Merchant Marine Officer. Throughout his distinguished career as a Naval logistician, Mr. Massa has exhibited personal leadership priorities founded on the principles of responsibility, accountability, and authority–a foundation that clearly manifested in the daily performance and morale of his staff and supporting industry team members.   

Mike’s calm, highly effective, inclusive and collaborative leadership style is manifested in a diverse workforce focused on attainment of logistics and sustainment excellence across his two major ship acquisition programs. During this time of COVID-19 requiring increased work, he has ensured the effective use of collaboration tools to effectively communicate across his team and his many stakeholders to ensure no impact to logistics support. A leader in the Naval Logistics community, Mr. Massa mentors junior logisticians as the designated PEO Ships Career Field Manager for logistics. The Naval logistics community is exceptionally fortunate to have an individual of his stature and determination at the PMS 385 logistics helm. 

Mr. Massa was instrumental in the highly successful delivery of seven EPFs and accomplishing five Final Contract Trials during his watch. Always looking for improvement, this continues to manifest itself in increasing the Board of Inspection and Survey scores –a true testament to Mike’s team leadership. EPFs are deployed and operating around the world as flexible platforms that can support multiple missions. The global reach and continued forward presence of EPF ships is a testament to the outstanding level of Logistics support provided at delivery by Mr. Massa and his team.   

Under his inspirational leadership, every major logistics milestone within the Expeditionary Sea Base (ESB)and Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF)programs has been successfully achieved. His calm and highly effective leadership in a diverse professional workforce has significantly improved the efficiency of Naval logistics, directly contributing to increased capabilities and responsiveness to PEO Ships, Military Sealift Command, and Naval Sea Systems Command. More importantly, he brings to the logistics community an extraordinary competence and expertise he willingly shares with seniors and juniors alike, thereby enhancing ship acquisition effectiveness and readiness across the Navy.  Mr. Massa’s contributions have forged a solid logistics foundation to deliver and sustain ESB and EPF ship classes. For his selfless expenditure of personal effort, extraordinary vision, and superlative accomplishments, Mr. Michael P. Massa is a most deserving recipient of the Clifford G. Geiger award.