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Mr. Mark W. Henneberger

Award: Harold E. Saunders 
Year: 2020
Recipient: Mr.Mark W. Henneberger

for his significant contribution to naval engineering as set forth in the following  


Mr. Henneberger has had a 42-year career in the Navy, including a 36-year career at Naval Reactors during which he has established himself as one of the most exceptional and influential senior leaders in Naval Reactors, Navy and Department of Energy. During this span he has developed a reputation as the go-to expert for nuclear propulsion plant instrumentation and control systems, power conversion and electrical generation and distribution systems, cybersecurity for control systems, and submarine electric drive propulsion systems. 

No other senior leader has made such innovative and lasting impacts in such a broad range of naval engineering and shipbuilding fields as Mr. Henneberger.  His 36-year career spans the transition from vacuum tubes to microprocessors in ship control systems; from weight-and volume-consuming electrical generators to high-speed turbines controlled by complex microprocessors; and from rudimentary control systems to integrated, automated digital control systems with highly effective cybersecurity regimes to a drive to implement artificial intelligence in submarine applications to transform operations.  Simply put, Mr. Henneberger has set the standard for electrical and control system designs, professionalism and cost-consciousness in naval engineering and is widely respected across both government and private industry naval engineering communities. 

Mr. Henneberger recognized that these efforts could not be accomplished successfully without the partnership of the corporate leadership of the Navy, NAVSEA, the Program Executive Offices, the Office of Naval Research, the Private Nuclear Construction Yards and their associated engineering organizations, the Naval Shipyards and the Naval Reactors Program prime contractors and equipment suppliers.  These organizations recognize him as a highly effective and collaborative leader and coalition builder who has championed novel and visionary approaches to leveraging the best these organizations have to offer regarding naval engineering design and support. 

Mr. Henneberger embodies the commitment of Captain Harold E. Saunders to technical excellence, professionalism, and dedication for all naval engineers. Mr. Henneberger and his talented staff of young naval engineers that he has personally developed and mentored will further the Navy’s goals for years to come. He is an inspirational leader and role model for aspiring naval engineers, military leaders, senior executives, and shipbuilders. The American Society of Naval Engineers is proud to name Mr. Mark W. Henneberger the recipient of the 2020 Harold E. Saunders Award.