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Ms. Allison Hollish

Award: The Rosenblatt "Young Naval Engineer" Award
Year: 2020
Recipient: Ms. Allison Hollish

for her significant contribution to naval engineering as set forth in the following  


Ms. Hollish started her journey with a career as an In-Service Engineering Agent for Vertical Launching System, Combat Support Systems, and a variety of other tasks, and has since worked her way up to Branch Manager for HM&E/Navigation Networks: DDG 51 Class xDMS where she provides supervision, leadership, mentoring young engineers and programmatic guidance support to twenty-five branch personnel while successfully establishing and executing a $7m+ branch budget. Allison plays a critical role at NSWCPD and her impact is evident throughout the organization.  

Allison is model employee and strong, passionate advocate of the importance of mentorship and command involvement through her role as ASNE Chair.  In addition to ASNE-DV, Allison is a Lean-In Circle Moderator, mentoring a group of 10-15 peers.  Allison also mentors team members, interns and new hires and works to develop future leaders in the organization through individual mentoring and promotion of ASNE an important part of career development for Naval Engineering.  Allison is an exceptional role model and leads by example.   

The importance of Allison Hollish’s accomplishments in providing outstanding technical leadership to the Naval Engineering community and our Navy fleet cannot be understated and are highly unusual given her young age.  It is no small feat to be considered the Navy’s Technical Expert for Hull Mechanical and Electrical (HM&E) systems that interface between the Ship and the VLS; Sprinkling, Deluge, Drainage, and Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, and as a result is highly respected and admired by TWHs and other high-ranking dignitaries in the NAVSEA community and fleet. In just the past year, Allison’s tireless energy, passion and leadership have re-energized the DV chapter.  She personally recruited numerous new members, persuaded them to volunteer for committees and board positions, and is largely responsible for reclaiming Delaware Valley’s success and participation in the Society. 

Allison Hollish has been a role model for young engineers as she demonstrates technical excellence every day, and details for anyone willing to listen the value that she herself has found in ASNE, encouraging others to follow suit.  Allison has inspired many through her service to ASNE and to the Naval Engineering Community. The American Society of Naval Engineers is proud to award Ms. Allison Hollish the 2020 Rosenblatt “Young Engineer” Award.