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Frank C. Jones Award


Frank C. Jones Award

Deadline for Nominations: March 31, 2015

This award was established in 2006 to honor RADM Frank C. Jones, USN, who, over a lifetime of service to our nation and the American Society of Naval Engineers, was a highly respected and admired leader. His leadership in the field of major maintenance and alterations at three naval shipyards and a number of related naval commands is particularly noteworthy and is honored by this award. He was an active member of ASNE throughout his career and most notably served as President from 1968-1969. A very generous bequest from RADM Jones enables ASNE to recognize naval engineering professionals in this important field of ship repair and alterations.

Therefore, the RADM Frank C. Jones Award for Major Maintenance and Alteration Achievements hereby recognizes those Naval Engineering professionals who, over a period of at least ten years culminating in the current year, have substantially and significantly contributed to their agency’s intermediate and/or depot-level ship maintenance and/or alteration programs that involve the complex work of managing, planning, preparation and/or execution of extensive repairs, overhauls, upgrades and/or modernizations.

Major vessel maintenance and alterations are two of the most complex areas of naval engineering. These intermediate and depot-level projects involve nearly all shipboard systems, many thousands of man hours, comprehensive planning and integration, complex procurements and the ability to successfully orchestrate a matrix of interlocking deadlines. These deadlines are critical considering the growing national defense priority to increase the time between ship overhauls and maintain greater operational availability of naval ships in forward deployment status for longer periods of operations.

Furthermore, this difficult and challenging work involves all elements of the total ship system including hull, mechanical, electrical, electronics, combat systems, C4ISR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) and aviation systems. The nominee’s contributions in this multifaceted discipline of naval engineering must be above field-level maintenance and should include any aspect of intermediate and/or depot-level repair or alterations including program management, planning, design or project execution. Specific evidence of the nominee’s personal and professional leadership and an assessment of the significance of the nominee’s particular contributions to the areas of major maintenance and/or alterations shall be included in the award nomination. If applicable, the nomination should include specific mention of the nominee’s service contributions to ASNE or other professional societies during the period of consideration for this award.

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