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CAPT Vincent Skwarek, USCG

Award: Gold Medal Award - Engineering
Year: 2022
Recipient: CAPT Vincent Skwarek, USCG
Reason: for hid significant contribution to naval engineering as set forth in the following  


Captain Vincent Skwarek, USCG, is a highly accomplished Coast Guard officer with a distinguished career marked by significant contributions to naval engineering and leadership. Graduating with high honors from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and furthering his education with advanced degrees in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Captain Skwarek began his career with key positions aboard the CGC POLAR SEA and CGC SPENCER.

From 2010 until 2013, he served as Commanding Officer of Naval Engineering Support Unit New Orleans, where he played leading roles in directing logistics response efforts with multiple hurricanes, as well as providing evidence support for the largest oil spill in our nation’s history. In 2013 Chief of the Resources Management Division, where he oversaw the development of policy and the execution of the $380 million annual maintenance budget.

As the 43rd Commanding Officer of THE U.S. Coast Guard Yard, Captain Skwarek's tenure from June 25, 2019, to June 30, 2022 was marked by unprecedented achievements and noteworthy mentorship of Coast Guard Yard personnel. Under his command, the Yard experienced significant advancements in shipbuilding and repair, enhancing the fleet's readiness and capabilities. Captain Vincent Skwarek is currently the Assistant Program Executive Officer for C5I Acquisitions at Coast Guard Headquarters.

Demonstrating extraordinary enthusiasm and insightful ingenuity, Captain Skwarek surmounted dire challenges posed by the COVID-19 global pandemic and a resulting five-month 25 percent reduction in workforce, to sustain $1 billion in capital assets and $110 million in annual industrial production in support of national and Coast Guard strategic priorities.

Leading 679 military and civilian personnel, Captain Skwarek, oversaw $220 million in vessel renovation projects and the deployment of 56 “road show” teams to complete projects across all Coast Guard Districts, including POLAR STAR cyber system upgrades, RESCUE 21 radio tower modernization in Alaska, and maintenance training with the Philippines Navy to facilitate joint operations with PACAREA.

Directing $100 million in major ship renovation programs, Captain Skwarek oversaw the achievement of adding 15 years of service life per vessel, enabling the U.S. Coast Guard to support the full range of its 11 statutory missions through the recapitalization of three vessel classes.

Spearheading diverse capital investment initiatives, he led the award of $34 million in infrastructure modernization efforts, received USCG Commandant support for the $114 million Major Cutter Shiphandling Capability project, and gained Congressional endorsement of $175 million in facility renovations, as well as $636 million in the Fiscal Year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act to provide a critical National Security organic capability for dry docking WMSL and OPC ships, the largest investment in the facility since World War II.

For his unwavering commitment to the United States Coast Guard mission, his outstanding technical expertise, exceptional communication skills, inspirational leadership, and personal devotion to duty, the American Society of Naval Engineers is proud to name Captain Vincent Skwarek, USCG as the recipient of the 2022 ASNE Gold Medal Award for Engineering.