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Dr. Eugene M. Golda

Award: Harold E. Saunders Award - Lifetime Achievement
Year: 2023
Recipient: Dr. Eugene M. Golda
Reason:for his significant contribution to naval engineering as set forth in the following  


Dr. Eugene M. Golda, a steadfast figure in his 50th year of continuous service in the U.S. Navy, began his career at the United States Naval Academy in 1973, earning a Bachelor of Science in Ocean Engineering, followed by Masters and Doctorate degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Dr. Golda's naval tenure includes serving as a Surface Warfare Officer and Engineering Duty Officer, with significant roles on the USS Elmer Montgomery and at the Supervisor of Shipbuilding in New York. Transitioning to civilian service in 1992, he excelled in roles at the David Taylor Research Center and the Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division, where he led extensive machinery research and development. .

As Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Golda drove technological innovations, managed the Naval Innovation Science and Engineering program, and played a crucial role in strategic planning and mentorship, enhancing naval operations and education significantly.

Dr. Golda’s accomplishments rest principally on his extensive reputation in machinery research, specifically in materials, systems, and power systems. His leadership in management and non-management roles resulted in successfully executing tens of millions of dollars in Navy projects, improving naval machinery on ships and submarines. Scores of published papers, journal articles, speeches, and technical training courses document his many accomplishments, including technological achievements of research in materials, superconductivity, power, and energy. He has played a crucial role in the leadership of the NSWCPD research workforce and the mentorship and development of hundreds of past and current employees.

In these roles, Dr. Golda has been able to optimize the relationship between various Navy Research & Development functions, the fleet, and Navy Shipyards and provide technical consultation for R&D projects large and small, including science and technology, testing, and numerical modeling concepts. He also led and facilitated Strategic Planning efforts to benefit the entire Philadelphia Division, encouraged the NSWCPD publication and patent activity, and fostered, mentored, and guided engineers pursuing advanced degrees.

Dr. Golda's achievements and contributions have made a profound impact on both the NSWCPD, all associated Navy Warfare Centers and the broader fleet. His roles as an officer, engineer, and leader have consistently yielded high-quality results, fostering an environment rich in innovation, research, and commitment to naval service.

For decades, Dr. Golda’s leadership has shaped the Philadelphia Division through strategic hiring practices, the identification of research and development needs, and the spearheading of cutting-edge scientific and technological initiatives. Additionally, his substantial involvement in mentoring, educational programs, and overall service has left an indelible mark on the division and has been invaluable to the U.S. Navy as a whole.

The American Society of Naval Engineers is proud to recognize Dr. Eugene M. Golda as the recipient of the 2023 Harold E. Saunders Award (Lifetime Achievement).