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Mr. Alex Rinaldi

 Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineer Award 
Mr. Alex Rinaldi
for remarkable, early professional achievement with demonstrated potential for continued distinction in the field of naval engineering as set forth in the following


Mr. Alex Rinaldi began his career at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Division, Philadelphia (NSWCPD) in 2009. Following his graduation from Drexel University with both Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in mechanical engineering degrees, he began working in the steam systems and auxiliaries division as an In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA). He is a licensed Professional Engineer, the engineering profession's highest standard of competence, in the field of Mechanical Systems.

Mr. Rinaldi currently serves as the lead Division Newport engineer, Technical Design Agent (TDA), and ISEA for large conformal hull array submarine systems, supporting multiple program offices to certify that fielded components and systems meet acoustic performance requirements, ensuring that deployed submarines maintain acoustic superiority and high operational availability over their adversaries.

Throughout his young career, Mr. Rinaldi has focused on addressing emergent tasking and long-term engineering efforts with a cross-platform, cross-discipline approach, to ensure programs and systems achieve and maintain high levels of performance, material condition, and lifecycle supportability.

Mr. Rinaldi’s exemplary performance in sonar hull array requirements, design, qualification testing, production, conformance testing, integration testing, platform installation, technical data package review, system testing, and TDA/ISEA support earned him the position of lead Division Newport engineer for new construction and modernization efforts after only two years at the Division. His thorough, in-depth systems engineering approach to the development and testing of the integrated components under his team’s purview has ensured excellence in technical rigor and advancement of submarine fleet acoustic superiority.

Mr. Rinaldi regularly shares his in-depth knowledge of conformal array technology, shipyard processes, program acquisition, submarine protocol, and systems engineering principles. He considers it a priority to mentor and develop the core competency of other engineers on his team in systems engineering requirements and design development, as well as introduce them to the basic architecture, design, and development of submarines.

Mr. Rinaldi’s cross-platform experience with multiple program offices, type commanders, shipyards, warfare centers, and supporting naval organizations have allowed him to become a trusted go‐to person subject matter expert for all aspects of the technology used in the sonar systems he supports. Furthermore, he has taken under his wing several junior engineers to mentor and to guide. Mr. Rinaldi has a positive well thought out “can‐do” attitude on the projects and the people that he works with. No matter what stress or pressure, Mr. Rinaldi is able to calmly and logically work through whatever challenges come his way.

The American Society of Naval Engineers is proud to award Mr. Alex Rinaldi the 2021 Rosenblatt “Young Engineer” Award.