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Dr. Jason M. Anderson

Award: Solberg Award 
Year: 2021
Recipient: Dr. Jason M. Anderson
for his significant contribution to naval engineering as set forth in the following



After earning his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2003, Dr. Jason M. Anderson joined the Acoustic Signature Technology Division in the Signatures Department of the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division (NSWCCD). Since the start of his government career, Dr. Anderson has been instrumental in advancing ship signature technology both through his participation in research programs and his technical and programmatic leadership.

In his fifteen year career at NSWCCD, Dr. Anderson developed, directed, and personally performed research for a portfolio including basic to applied research in the technical field of hydroacoustics. As a technical advisor to NAVSEA, Dr. Anderson continuously transitioned the research advancements to the submarine design community to improve the acoustic stealth performance of the VIRGINIA class submarines, as well as the future COLUMBIA and SSN(X) submarine classes. He has developed research partnerships with industry, University Applied Research Centers (UARC), and research universities to execute this body of research that was financially supported by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), NAVSEA, and the Defense Advanced Research Program Agency (DARPA).

Dr. Anderson also performs scholarly research focused on the study of sound generation mechanisms for unsteady, low-Mach-number flows interacting with rigid and flexible structures, with a particular focus on turbulence-airfoil force response, rotor turbulence ingestion noise, and turbulent boundary layer flow interactions with surface discontinuities. He has co-authored and published research articles in more than six prominent journals, including the AIAA Journal and the Journal of Fluids and Structures. Over the last 17 years Dr. Anderson has co-authored presentations at more than 25 key national and international conferences, and been invited to provide seminars at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Penn State, and Virginia Tech.

Dr. Anderson’s work is crucial in developing the knowledge that supports analytical and numerical analyses required to retire signature-related technical risks, inform the design, and enable the development of acoustic mitigation technologies. The knowledge gleaned under Dr. Anderson’s leadership is critical to the stealth performance of the COLUMBIA Class and the nation’s strategic deterrence. The information gathered from Dr. Anderson’s research will enable the Navy to identify requirement margins above operational needs and utilize a systems approach to challenge these requirements with the end result of driving down costs without sacrificing performance. Additionally, his technical leadership and passion for mentoring has fostered strong relationships both within the Navy’s acoustic community and outside organizations, and is routinely and regularly supporting workforce learning and development.

Based on his past and continued contributions to research, ASNE is proud to present Dr. Jason M. Anderson the Society's 2021 Solberg Award.