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Dr. John E. Miesner

Award: Solberg Award - Research
Year: 2022
Recipient: Dr. John E. Miesner
Reason: for his significant contribution to naval engineering as set forth in the following  


Dr. John E. Miesner has pioneered achievements at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock in submarine technology, structural acoustics, and vibration management. He holds advanced degrees in Engineering Physics and Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Miesner had a distinguished career at General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems (GDAIS) with roles as a systems engineer, designer and project manager. He played a vital role in the Submarine Advanced Vibration Reducer (AVR) Program, contributing to its foundational success. His expertise spans magnetic bearing control systems, piezoelectric actuators, and the development of innovative concepts, such as the Piezoelectric Electrorheological Peristaltic Pump and Internal Charge Exchange power supply. Since arriving at NSWC Carderock in 2014, Dr. Miesner continues to be at the forefront of technology development and leadership in the field of naval engineering.

Dr. Miesner's extraordinary contributions to the field of structural acoustics research for Navy ship systems have had a transformative impact. As a pioneer in the development of actuator technology, his work has set new standards in the industry. Notably, Dr. Miesner designed and constructed the Axisymmetric Moving Armature (AMA) actuator, which was tailored to produce the required 1000 pounds of force while fitting seamlessly into the vessel of its predecessor. The performance of this innovation was tested at the NSWCCD, where it remarkably exceeded the initial design requirements by producing up to 1200 pounds of force output.

Dr. Miesner designed a more compact and robust Linear Electromagnetic (LEM) shaker, surpassing the already impressive AMA 1000 for next-generation applications. This LEM technology has opened new possibilities for characterizing ship vibrations, thus enhancing the Navy's capabilities in this critical aspect.

Dr. Miesner's work has not only led to tangible improvements in Navy ship systems but has also significantly enhanced the Navy's technical knowledge of electromagnetic design and available design tools. He is actively patenting his designs, highlighting their potential for broader applications and the recognition of their innovation.

In addition to his remarkable technical accomplishments, Dr. Miesner has played a vital role in mentoring young engineers, thus ensuring the continued growth and success of the Navy in this field. This combination of scientific and technological expertise has resulted in an accelerated design turnaround that effectively meets emergent requirements. Dr. Miesner's contributions have been instrumental in achieving high performance in submarine stealth while maintaining cost-effectiveness, a mission-critical consideration for the Navy and Department of Defense.

The American Society of Naval Engineers is honored to recognize Dr. John E. Miesner as the recipient of the 2022 Rear Admiral Thorvald A. Solberg Award.