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Instructor Resources for October 25 Presentation

Mike is working the deck and we will almost always be in the main room. If you have any issues, you can call/text Mike (571)641-7611 or simply rejoin the main room here:

The main room will always be open. If you have computer difficulties, you can always join the Main Room via phone by calling +1 804-299-5135, and then enter the event ID: 959878688#


Breakout Room Information

We will be using four breakout rooms with six or seven participants. You can join any room you want by clicking the Breakout Room below.

This may feel confusing, but if you leave this page open then you can join any discussion by clicking the main room link or the breakout room link.

Room Instructor Participants
Breakout Room #1 Wayne (Participants names will be here this afternoon.)
Breakout Room #2 Jim (Participants names will be here this afternoon.)
Breakout Room #3 Tom (Participants names will be here this afternoon.)
Breakout Room #4 TBD (Participants names will be here this afternoon.)
Main Room All All

If the table doesn't work for you, here are the breakout rooms links so you can click them or copy and paste them.


Notetaking Sheet

We also will centralize the Q&A into this Google Document. Please feel free to add anything to do this document that may be useful.


Attendee Breakdown

Number of Participants
Bellevue Trading Post LLC dba Industrial Surface Solutions 1
CEA Technologies, Inc. 1
DRS Laurel Technologies 2
Eastern Shipbuilding Group 1
General Dynamics Mission Systems 3
Joint Staff J8 1
Northrop Grumman 4
NSWC Dahlgren Division 2
Sustainment Technologies Inc 1
The Aerospace Corporation 9
US Navy 1
Grand Total 25