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High Performance Marine Vehicles


This webinar will address several topics through the lens of research at Stevens Institute. This hour-long discussion begins with a study of previous designs and attributes, including parametrics in strong foundational designs. CAPT Shepherd and Dr. Datla will then share the strengths and roles in sketching, hand drawing, and computer drawing tools. This webinar will culminate with a "big picture" look at hydrodynamic forces' influence on design choices.


Date & Time: April 13th, 2022; 1300-1400 ET (Presentation with live Q&A discussion)
Audience: All engineers, program managers, executives, and students interested in design principles for high-performance marine vehicles.
Virtual Course Format: This presentation and discussion will occur in Microsoft Teams. If you do not have Teams, you will be able to view this event in your browser.
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Presenters' Biographies

CAPT Bill Shepherd

William (Bill) Shepherd is a Senior Research Scientist and has served as a Navy SEAL, NASA Astronaut, Program Manager, and Senior Government Official with the Department of Defense (DOD). He started his military career in 1971 as an Underwater Demolition “Frogman”, and Navy SEAL, with assignments to the Pacific, Atlantic, and European theaters of operation. In 1984, he was one of 17 Astronaut Candidates in NASA’s Astronaut Group 10. Shepherd flew as a NASA Mission Specialist and Flight Engineer on 3 Space Shuttle flights, missions that carried DOD and scientific payloads to space, performed materials and life science experiments in microgravity, and launched the interplanetary probe “Ulysses” into the first polar orbit of the Sun. In 1993, Shepherd was selected to serve as Program Manager for the new International Space Station (ISS), leading a 16-nation partnership to design and build a new orbital “gateway” to space. In 1996 Shepherd was named by Vice President Gore and Russian Premier Chernomyrdin to command the “First Expedition” to the new space station.

Dr. Raju Datla (faculty page):

Dr. Raju Datla researches experimental marine hydrodynamics vessel wakes. This includes a focus on computational fluid dynamic (CFD) aspects of marine hydrodynamics, waves and turbulence. He is a respected member of ASNE and SNAME, serving on the Naval Engineers Journal review board and a Fall 2021 SNAME Fellow. He earned his Ph.D. from Stevens Institute and has been teaching there for over 25 years.


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