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Florida Atlantic University

Team lead Twain Glas and lead professor Dr. Beaujean had a full agenda at the end of June—the International Submarine Races at Carderock, American Society of Engineering Education in Baltimore, and their first PEP competition. Thanks to careful analyses, precise fabrication, and strong in-water testing, this team was prepared for the open-water conditions. Their catamaran design involved slightly slightly-different hulls to ensure the left turns were easier to navigate. This team also considered many of the propulsive systems out there and choose thrusters with great power and reliability. The craft had great power and stability as shown when the craft traversed wake over its four-plus-mile journey. On shore, the Office of Naval Research judges gave high marks for the thoughtful presentation of the craft. FAU students compete in a variety of competitions allowing this expertise to improve each endeavor.

Congratulations on a thoughtful design, well executed!

Testing Video from March/April 2023


Florida Atlantic University at PEP 23


Visit to Florida Atlantic University on March 24