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Michigan Electric Boat (MEB)

The Michigan Electric Boat (MEB) team brought a variety of materials that shows how well they are set up to grow successfully into the future. After setbacks with Snowfinkle, the team pivoted to ensure The Parmar was race ready. This sturdy craft was expertly piloted around the course by Operations Director, Lyn Tran. Although this craft was not the first choice for the team, it represents the careful engineering that guides all of MEB’s work. The boat worked exactly as planned on the course and had enough power left over to allow for victory lap celebrations for the team.
The team also brought their 28-foot box trailer and the Snowfinkle craft so they can continue to engage potential sponsors. This summer leadership is transitioning into new hands, and we are excited to see the continued growth of this strong team of engineers.

Congratulations on a year of thoughtful testing, careful fabrication, and successful execution!


Michigan Electric Boat at PEP 23


Visit to University of Michigan on May 5