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University of Rhode Island

The University of Rhode Island team boasts deep experience and put that into practice during their triumphant first PEP competition. The larger yellow craft, 39-R/V Hatsune Miku, was able to successfully navigate the open water of the Elizabeth River with steady confidence. Their blue craft, 48/Sea Tình, included stabilizing pontoons that allowed it to operate at a high rate of speed while deftly taking the turns. This initial experience in the water allowed them to better gauge the endurance aspects of the competition, and they were able to design a successful game plan to get their 10-foot-long, remote-controlled boat through the course in just over 50 minutes.
This win came with great personal effort. During transit, a metal block serving as ballast punctured the hull of the yet-to-be victorious craft. In the shadow of Fairlead’s facility, they sanded away the edges of the damage, cut a replacement hull component, and used epoxy to secure and waterproof the repair. Less than 24 hours later, the craft was taking one-mile-laps without issue. It’s clear that the URI team has expertise and craft to continue to successfully grow into PEP 24.

       Congratulations on a very successful debut, we can’t wait to see you grow next year!

Testing Video at Indian Lake, RI

48/Sea Tình

39-R/V Hatsune Miku



48/Sea Tình

48/Sea Tình at PEP 23

48/Sea Tình Testing Fall 2023



URI Testing April 2023