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PEP Hull


  •     Share hull design that can be fabricated with many materials as created by GMU Team 2019-2020.
  •     Discuss key shipbuilding princples to ensure PEP boats are well conceived and consider available options.

George Mason University student Josh Stickel presented this webinar for PEP participants. He outlines how their team conceived of the competition, the design choices they considered, and why they advocated for this design. Below you will find more details about this design including the files for download. To be clear, all teams are freely able to take this design and use it or modify it to meet their needs.

Presentation to all PEP Teams (26 minutes)


Hull Design Options


As you heard in the video, the GMU team considered many hull designs. At this point in the competition, you may want to simulate and compare your current design with one of the above models. You may also want to consider whether lengthening your craft or adjusting the shape of your hull may yield benefits. Right now is the perfect time to hone and perfect these designs. Take records of your work to share with your team and to document your engineering processes for future jobs.


Please note in the figure below, ASNE added a few notes to the schematics to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses in the proposed design. You can download the files at the bottom of this page and run some of these analyses yourself.



You can download all of the CAD design files by clicking the link below. You will first need to unzip these files and then you can access them in the design software of your choice.



As always, if you have any questions or just need a sounding board, please reach out to us at ASNE. You can email Mike Briscoe, mbriscoe@navalengineers.org, directly and he will get back to you quickly with an answer or a contact that will help resolve the issue. Thanks for your continued hard work on this competition!