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Introduction to Requirements Definition and Materials Selection in Developing New Components for U.S. Navy Applications

Dr. Maureen Foley is a leading Materials Engineer with the U.S. Navy. She graciously pulled together this special presentation for engineering students and the PEP participants. She addressed how engineers design and use new materials, she explained this design process in great detail using recent research. She also shared her experience as an engineer, and answer questions about possible career paths. (PDF of presentation)

Note: All videos can be made full screen just hit play then click the full-screen button.

Presenter Information

Dr. Foley is a regular presenter at scientific conferences. She shares the latest developments in material engineering, and data from recent investigations and trials. Her presentations show the engineering design process she designs for her team and the resulting data that informed their final solutions. She will introduce these ideas for those new to Materials Engineering.

In addition, Dr. Foley is a STEM advocate. She is excited to discuss her path through engineering and discuss students' questions about future career paths. You can read about her passion for STEM in this July 2020 article.

Here is a brief video of Dr. Foley explaining her expertise as a "Magnificent 8" awardee winner. Join us on March 19 to talk with her directly!

Event Details

Audience: U.S. Government, industry young professionals, engineering students, and those students considering engineering. This presentation will introduce key processes, concepts and opportunities in Materials Engineering.
Virtual Course Format:The one-hour presentation and discussion will occur in Microsoft Teams. If you do not have Teams, you will be able to view this event in your browser.
Enrollment Fee: FREE!
Questions:Please email fleet@navalengineers.orgor call ASNE HQ at (703) 836-6727.